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Why engraved rings are so expensive?

We are here to discuss that “Why engraved rings are so expensive?” We have a developed fashion industry. In this we can see there are so many techniques of jewelry designs. Among those engraving has a top place. This technique is coming since the pastime. It has a step-by-step process, and the artist are used the proper tools and methods. Sometimes those tools are so expensive because their thicken level and their sharpness skill. Among the other things those tools have more confident to engrave smoothly. This process actually needs accurate equipment. As well as we can identify this process is an arduous task. Therefore, when a ring engraved, they can sell it within prohibitive cost. Not only the designs but also according to the materials of rings are a reason for increase their cost.

Why engraved rings are so expensive? More reasons

According to the above simple explanation we think that now you will have a basic idea about the question on “Why engraved rings are so expensive?” In ancient time our people were engraved their jewelry by their hand. But it was a challenging task. Today also we can see there are some jewelry artists are using hand. However, the developing technical society is introduced there are several types of tools which are helped to this task easily and successfully. Because of that reason the most people are used those tools for their comfortable. Furthermore, this art is a physical process. It is not using a chemical thing. Therefore, it requires more human labor and sharp tools to cut lines directly into a surface. That is the main point for increase the cost of engraved rings. As well as this process is requiring some enough time to finish the design.

In addition of those details this process have another reason which is required more cost. What is this? Usually, customers are trying to engrave a design with their personal ideas. They want to add a delicate touch to their rings, necklaces, bangles, or any other jewelries. Not only jewelries but also other tools also will engrave such as keys, photo frames, pens, award or trophy, stamps, and others. So today we can see this process is becoming as a process of earning money as a job. When customers required to add a personal value and design for their rings, they are typically inclined to pay more money for that. With these results and reason, they need more money to as the cost of rings. So, the individual laser engraving can be calculated and process according to the price per product achievable in the fashion market.

What are the cost range of engraved?

While considering the reason for expensive cost of engraved rings we think it will be important note here the average cost range of engraving process. This is depending on one word, letter, or initials. So, when you wish to engrave a design, it will be $3 to $12 cost. As well as when you want to engrave a single line logo you must spend $6 of cost. Furthermore, this technique has a color filling ability. When you wish to fill color engraving Galva oxide you should spend also $6 of cost. But this cost is changed with the engraved logo. So, color fill engraved logo is requiring a $9 cost. With these levels we think you will manage your cost to engrave the ring.

What are the expensive rings engraving ideas?

Why engraved rings are so expensive? Now you will have a good awareness on this question. further awareness we can mention here some of the designs those can use for your ring ideas. Today the most people are used engraving rings as their wedding rings also. Usually, weddings rings are more personal things. Therefore, you must pay more cost for that. Here you can design your partner’s initials or your new last name. as well as some people are designing their special days such as wedding day, birthday, engagement day also. When you wish to give this ring as a gift you can engrave their personal name, nickname, or any other special thing. When you wish to be romantic with it you can design few words such as I love you, love, I do, forever, my love, eternity, always or true love.

What should we consider before engraving the rings?

Most of the engraving ideas are so expensive. Therefore, we must consider the engraving process before going. As well as it will be especially important to design your ring without any mistake. Then it will not waste your money. The first thing is the width of ring. Here your ring should keep enough thick because engraver will have much space to put text or design that you want. It is the best way to design your desire text successfully. The best width is 5 to 7mm. and here you must have realistic engrave ideas. And before going to the process make sure that the rings is well fitted you. When your ring turns out to be too big or too small it is not a realized one.

Why engraved rings are so expensive? Bottom line

Here we are discussing from this article the important question on “Why engraved rings are so expensive?” So, we think now you will have more ideas. Finally, we suggest you that if you do some mistakes while engraving process it needs to be buffed out before you going to the resizing it. in that case you must surely pay double price for the same things. As well as when you must face this situation, you cannot get your desire engrave because some metal will remove the quality from the jewelry. However engraved rings are the most valuable and beautiful process among the jewelries. So, we suggest you try this. But sometimes it will be so expensive process because engraved rings make sure their unique designs always. Hence this article will help you about the cost of engraved rings.



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