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Can you give an engagement ring as a promise ring? 

We are here to discuss that “can you give an engagement ring as a promise ring?” We all have a lot of promises. Among them love is the most important part. Most of the love affairs are ending from a wedding. In those situations, lovers are giving promises and wish a successful marriage life. As well as wedding or marriage has many symbols. Ring is one of them. Usually when we are going to get engagement or marriage, we used a ring as an engagement ring. Most of the time the people use diamond ring as their engagement ring. But we have many materials to make our engagement rings. However today we have a question on “can you give an engagement ring as a promise ring?” Now we find the results for this question below.

Can you give an engagement ring as a promise ring? Engagement rings

While considering engagement rings and promise rings it will be good to know meaning of these two rings separately. So, what is an engagement ring? It is a traditional symbol of asking someone for marriage. When someone gives an engagement ring you can accept or decline it. It means if you would like to marriage that person, you can accept the ring. But if you do not like to marriage that person, you should decline the ring. According to that we can think engagement rings are the more popular route to symbolize the people’s love and commitment to marriage. As well as it is a safe way to express your love or affection toward another person. After giving it, you can clear the path to go to the next step with your love.

What is a promise ring? It is a used to symbolize a deep commitment to each person. We can identify promise rings as the modern trend, and it will have a center diamond. As well as usually it has birthstones or just feature a plain band. This is using for eternity things. And we think promise ring will more symbolize commitment to other person than dating. It will not mean always a marriage. But when lovers share their promise rings between them, they will always keep a deep wish go forward together in future life. As well as you can wear your promise ring before getting engage also. This will not have a traditional value and belief system those come with marriages. So according to these details we can understand that sometimes we can choose engagement ring as your promise ring.

Does engagement ring and promise ring has same meanings?

According to the above details it will clear that we can use engagement ring as our promise ring. But if we further consider sometimes, they do not have same meanings. With that points we are unable to use engagement rings as our wedding ring. What are those? Those tow have pledge but when you need your relationship to take with clarity and sincerity this method may be not suitable. Usually, diamond solitaire engagement ring has a deep meaning. It is a lifelong wish. If someone is wearing an engagement ring, he or she is someone’s sweetheart. It means engagement ring is an unmistakable emblem. From wearing an engagement ring, it will express eternal love and affection with the durability. With it your feelings will not end never. So, we can mention here engagement rings are perfect for lifelong plan with your partner.

In addition of those details promise rings are also perfect for couples. But remember that those are visible sign of your intentions towards the relationships, regardless of what you are planned for your future with relations. With that point of view sometimes engagement rings will not the most suitable as your promise rings because engagement rings are more express the love and affection with the future targets than promise rings. Promise rings have there been variety of proposes with the many ways. Some people who are using promise rings for style and increase their beauty. But according to the modern strong mythological symbols of love all those rings are perfectly going with a secret message of love of any kind of persons.

What are the differences between promise ring and engagement ring?

Can you give an engagement ring as a promise ring?” We think it will be good to find the differences between to solve this question. Then you can get some hints to select your answer. The propose of engagement ring is, to ask one’s partner if they want to get married but promise ring depends on the couple and to pledge their commitment to one another. Engagement rings have more elaborate designs but other one has simple in designs. With your engagement ring it requires more plan and forethought. But with your promise rings you will feel relaxed and low key. Another important thing is engagement ring need to wear on the ring finger of your left hand, but you can wear your prose ring on any finger. And it may also be worn as a necklace even.

Can you give an engagement ring as a promise ring? Bottom line

In the above we discussed more details with the question of “can you give an engagement ring as a promise ring?” So, we think now you can get an idea before wearing your engagement ring as your proposed ring. However now you must take a risk while selecting your ring to give your partner. We suggest you that before going to get your decision it will be extremely useful to consider all the above information using the meaning of those both rings separately. Always try to go with the meaning of rings. But all the decisions will depend on each one’s hand. Anyone cannot give permanent rules with this topic. If you would like to give an engagement ring as a promise ring you have freedom to it. Finally, we think this article will help you much.



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