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How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter?

We will show you “How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter?” this will be a good place for all the fashion lovers. We can see there are distinct types of jewelries. Those are using variety of materials also. Those all are separately with each other. Among the materials of jewelry, gold has a main place because they are durable and strong. Rings, necklaces, chains, bangles, earrings, and any other accessories we can see from gold metals. These will be more cost than other metals sometimes. Gold has brightness and it makes valuable appearance because it is rare. When it mixes with golden yellow tint it is increasing the beauty. As well as it can be formed into many different shapes and can be used to make delicate items. Those all are strong heavy items.

According to the above details you can understand the value of gold. But with these points we can hear about the fake gold jewelries. Some people are trying to sell many substitutes metals as gold. Those will be seeing like gold. But the value and durable may be less than pure gold. This is the widespread problem that fashion lovers have. Therefore, we must have a responsibility to solve this problem. We can see there are diverse types of tests for test gold. Among the lighter test is famous method. And it is overwhelmingly effective. So, in follow we mention there are valuable and main details with this process. Read out it to determine the question on “How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter?”

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? What is the right lighter?

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? With this process we must have chosen the right kind of lighter. Here you must choose a lighter that can produce a tall, constant flame one. Here the high is important. But when you do not have like this one you can use an ordinary disposable lighter. We suggest you go for this option when you do not have a chance to get right lighter. As well as you may have a butane lighter. What should you consider here? You must make sure that the butane lighter has full fuel. As well as make sure that it uses lighter fluid and not any other kind of gas. When you solve those question, you are ready to go for the process.

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? Method

According to the above paragraph you will select the best lighter. So now you can check if gold is real with your chosen lighter. Now you take your gold chain. Then you must hang the gold chain on an object that is not flammable. Here you have a huge responsibility to select hanging things. You can select something that will not melt or burn also. You can select it even around your home. Because of that reason it will be an easy task but keep your attention well. When you fail to get like this thing, we suggest you can have someone hold the chain with a pair of pliers. Here you can cover the end of plier using tape.

How to apply the flame to your chain?

After the above step you are now staying second step. When you hang over your chain hold the flame of your lighter on the chain. Here you must wait for about sixty seconds. Please give them enough time for getting satisfactory results. Then you must check that is your chain changed the color. This is the point that you must understand and identify well. So, hoe to identify pure gold here? When gold chain darkens it is a not pure gold. But when your chain was not got darken it has pure gold. It will actually get brighter as you apply the flame. Not only fake gold but also brass, iron or copper will darken and change the color with this process. Then what do we see with gold plated chain? It shows the gold melting. And the underneath metals we can see when it exposed.

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? According to the above method what we can understand about the gold? Usually, pure gold has valuable quality. With them pure gold will not change the darker shade. This is the basic quality of pure gold. As well as it is even brightened with the heat also. So, we cannot burn pure gold with chain. This is the point that helps to success our test. So, you must understand that who jewelry is made. With the developing fashion industry, we can there are a lot of fake jewelries. We cannot guest whether they are pure or not by measuring outside appearance. So, this will be an effective way to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter.

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? Bottom line

With this article we discussed more details around the valuable point with your jewelries. So, we think you can get good awareness here. However finally we note here not only lighter test but also, we can check pure gold using other tests such as smell test and magnet test. Among them smell test is most match with small gold pieces. In this situation we can check the real gold by comparing the smell. Real gold does not have distinct metallic odor. But when your jewelry with brass, copper, zinc, or any other metals mixed with sweat they will produce this odor. You can easily identify your real gold chain. However according to the magnet test you must need a rare earth magnet. Your chain keeps around it, pure chain does not attract to the magnet. However, we suggest you go for a lighter test because it is giving correct results.



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