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Does Real Gold Tarnish Over Time?

Does Real Gold Tarnish Over Time?

Gold has long been revered for its beauty, rarity and unique properties. An often-asked question regarding this precious metal is, “Will real gold tarnish over time?” Learning its properties, interaction with environmental conditions and care requirements could shed some light into whether your gold jewelry retains its shine over time or not.

The Intrinsic Properties of Gold

Gold is an exceptionally noble metal, meaning it resists corrosion and oxidation very effectively – one of the reasons gold has long been valued for use in jewelry, coins and various forms of art over millennia. Pure 24k gold (untarnished form) does not tarnish, corrode or rust over time when stored pure; maintaining its original shine and color for an eternity when kept stored properly.

Understanding Gold Alloys

While pure gold does not tarnish over time, most jewelry made with it does. To enhance strength and prolong its durability, gold alloys with other metals such as copper, silver, or nickel may be mixed to increase strength and extend durability – these mixtures are known as gold alloys and come with various karat levels to indicate how much pure gold exists (for instance 18-karat contains 75% gold content while 25% other elements; 14-karat only contains 58%). As these other metals may tarnish over time depending on composition (e.g 18k +25%)

Factors Contributing to Tarnishing

Gold alloys with other metals present can lead to tarnishing under certain circumstances. Moisture, air pollutants or perfumed lotion chemicals such as perfume can cause non-gold metals in the alloys to oxidize and cause it to tarnish; skin natural oils and sweat may trigger chemical reactions which cause this process; humid conditions accelerate its progress further still.

Tips to Prevent Tarnishing

Follow these suggestions for keeping your gold jewelry looking its best:

  • Regular Cleansing: For optimal results, regularly clean your gold jewelry using a soft cloth and mild soap to remove any residues that could lead to tarnish.
  • Proper Storage: Store pieces in an airtight and cool environment such as using jewelry boxes equipped with anti-tarnish properties or keeping each piece stored individually within its own soft fabric pouch.
  • Avoid Chemicals: Take special caution in using lotions, perfumes and cleaning agents around your gold jewelry as the chemicals could lead to tarnish and wear on its surfaces.
  • Professional Maintenance: Regular professional jewelry maintenance by an expert jeweler will preserve its shine and guard against potential tarnish buildup.


Although pure gold does not tarnish over time due to environmental and chemical reactions, alloyed gold may tarnish when exposed to certain environments and chemical processes. Regular care and maintenance will keep your jewelry looking amazing for longer as simple preventive steps and cleaning practices will significantly decrease its risk of tarnish and maintain its place among your treasured collection.



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