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How to store loose gemstone? Simply explain

We will show you the methods of that “How to store loose gemstone?” first we are trying to explain about loose gemstone. These are precious or semi-precious stones. And they sold loose and not set in pieces of jewelry. In today some of loose gemstones are using as an investment. Peoples who are looking to buy those in bulk at reasonable or discount prices. As well as those have set into pieces of jewelry for later sale at a profit. So, if you bought a loose gemstone you will worry about how to look after these auspicious tiny pieces. So that they do not lose their enchanting properties. So, you must keep in mind about gemstone storage. So how to give you security for your loose gemstone. We are drafting this article to give you some easy methods.

Usually, loose gemstones are fragile in nature as compared to the natural gemstones. These are measured on Mohs scale which is a unit to measure the hardness of the stone. Loose gemstones show the score less than 9. So, these are soft. Because of that reason its will nature and easy to scratch or break. So, you must pay attention while using these ones. These will affect with negatively with surrounding environment such as heat, toxic materials etc. so you must care about those without any damages from these things. Usually, natural loose gemstone is coming with the shapes of round, oval, pear, mix, heart, cushion, octagon like those. These have different unique look. Therefore, loose gemstone gave there is a popular place among the human. However, we can turn again to our question of “How to store loose gemstone?”

How to store loose gemstone? Simple methods

If you have a loose gemstone, you will find the methods of store them. How to store loose gemstone? We will show you some of the methods in here. We are suggesting you can store it in gemstone storage cases. Here our main purpose is preserving the quality and color of a loose gemstone from getting influence with heat or any other thing. As a solution you can keep it in a gemstone storage case. You can look on the gemstone using the glass of case. It can display your gemstone. So, it will give a comfort to. This is the easiest way to store your loose gemstone. If you do not go with this, you can use jewelry jars. It will be proved quite efficient to store loose gemstone. This jar has a soft foam to protect your gemstone from any scratches or harm.

Our next tool is plastic container with dividers. This also can give protection to your gemstone. Without a slight burden on your pocket, you can carry this. This will be the most convenient way to this task. Another way is parcel paper organizer. Sometimes this will be the most efficient way while storing your gemstone. This method is recommended by the jewelry industry. You can store all the single gemstone pieces in dividually in special envelop. These are named as a parcel paper or diamond paper. This parcel will help you to keep stones in top condition while in storage because these have acid free skill. Also, you can use distinct color of the paper to keep it easy to distinguish between different gemstones. Here we gave you the latest update for store your loose gemstone. If you also have this one you can try these methods to protect it.

How do you organize your lose gemstone?

There are some methods we explained to store your loose gemstone. In addition, we can note here the number of options to display, organize and arrange your loose gemstone. While considering your taste and preferences you can give chance to arrange those at your home. What are they considering things while arranging these? As a first one we can say the shape and form of those. Here you must group with shapes, colors, and size also. Then you can out them in individually in separate boxes. You must store while remembering to observe adequate spacing between specimens to keep them from scratching each other. As well as you can organize these by color and chakra association because this method will help you to easily identify which stone to use for a specific purpose.

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As well as you can use a divides drawer od display case. So, it will help you to arrange every color in a single file. It also gives you the best result without any damages. In addition, we can give you other methods to organize your loose gemstone. You can do this based on value. Also, gemstones for your altar or meditation space. And you can categorize those in gems for daily use and rare use. And you can pay attention its types. Here the main purpose is keeping those with suitable order. It gives you easy finding way and you can protect your loose gemstones. This will help you not only keep gemstone but also another jewelry can keep these ways.


How to store loose gemstone? We gave you most details with this question of loose gemstones. You also can try storage methods to sore these. As a conclusion you must pay attention to keep small stones in your purse. It will be the easiest way to carry with your journey. You can carry those depending on your needs. Do not get out from the cases in every time. When you use a glass of case you can see it without getting out. You can display them on your bookcase and put them in a sealed box. Finally, we can note here if you have a loose gemstone, you can store its individually because it is the correct method. And place each one carefully inside a gem jar, jug, bag, or envelope to care about well. So, we think that you also try all these methods to protect loose gemstones.



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