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Can you shower with your crystal necklace? Simply explain

In this article we will explain that can you shower with your crystal necklace? If you are showering with your crystal neckless it will be a wonderful way to cleanse your energy also remove all the negative energy which are having picked up during the entire day. for the get it natural look with long time it is the most important to cleanse your crystals regularly. Here we may have a question that “Can you shower with your crystal necklace?” we can give as an answer for that will depend on, you are the type of crystal. Some type of crystals will give satisfactory results, but some are not. Sometimes it will give you bad result while contacting with water. As well as some crystal can contact water for a brief time only. But some are never contact with water.

Furthermore, if you have a jewellery, you must have some awareness about those. Here we mean you should know that their materials, types and what are the important care things with them. We say as it will be extremely helpful to protect your jewellery in long time. Most of the [people who are lazy to remove their jewellery when they are going to make shower. But it is not suitable process. Some crystal neckless will be not give you harmful result with chilly water. But you must pay attention also those types when you are going to showering with hot water. Therefore, we think this article Weill more helpful one for your awareness.

Can you shower with your crystal necklace?

Some of crystal can be safely washes and shower with water which are polished form. Here we can give a list that you can take shower with those. It will give you minimal impact. They are Agate, Amazonite, Black tourmaline, Carnelian, Aquamarine, Emarald, Citroen, Chalcedony, Diamond, Garnet, Jade, Jasper, Labradorite, Tanzanite, Morganite, Topaz, Peridot, Tiger’s eye, Rose and clear quartz, ruby also sapphire. If you have a neckless with these crystals, you can shower with it without do not worry. So, this list will be valuable to you. What are the crystals that you can have quick shower? They are Angelite, Azurite, Calcite, Howlite, Kyanite, Celestite, Lapsi Lazuli, Opal, Obsidian, Pyrite also Sodalite. If you have a neckless with these crystals, you must sure to dry them completely immediately after your shower. Then you can look after them without any colour fading.

Can you shower with your crystal necklace? What are the crystals that should not contact with water? Here we can give you some type of crystals. You never shower with the. They are Hematite. Lepidolite, Selenite, Malachite, and Tangerine Quarts. So, if you have a neckless with these types of crystals you must pay more attention when you are going to showering with it. And here with this question you may have another one that “can I use soap or cleanser for water safe crystal necklaces?” you can be safe with soap and cleanser that type of necklaces. But here you should pay attention to use only a small amount of soap very briefly. As well as the natural products are more suitable than commercial products. We can suggest you must give attention with your crystal necklaces.

What’re the things that you must consider while contacting crystal with water?

Here we can suggest you can look at the Mohs scale. It will give you general guideline. You can check out your crystal neckless with this scale. Then you can shower with it. Mohs scale can serve as a good gauge, and it is a scale from 1 to 10 that are reflecting the hardness of a mineral. Ten is the hardest one and one is the softest one. We can recommend with this softer crystal tend to be more porous and allows water to pass through much easier than  harder crystals. Then what are the water safe crystal material of necklace? The crystal necklace that has a Mohs hardness rating of six or higher it will usually water safe crystal. So, if you have this scale of crystal necklace you can shower with it. You can use for a longer period with your crystal necklace with rating of seven.

In addition, you can use with non-salt water safely which crystal neckless that have Mohs hardness rating of 4 to 5. But we can not recommend that use with fully submerge them into water for more than few minutes. If you are showering with wear like this one you must put them down with an absorbent cloth and ensure that they are completely dry. Mohs hardness ration of three with crystal neckless for only briefly wash and you must dry them completely from a soft cloth. So, you should remove those before showering you. Therefore, you will give extra care for these. Of you have a crystal necklace with Mohs rating of two and below it, you don’t contact them with water because it will damage soon with water. Because of that reason when it however contacts with water as soon as possible you must dry it.

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Bottom line

According to the above details you can select your crystal necklace with the type of them. So, it will easier while making shower. However finally we can say you must pay attention to care about your all the jewelleries because they will be more valuable tools. We can suggest you can remove your jewelleries before going to shower. Here we mean they will give you some bad result over time using with contacting water. Here with these you can clean your crystal neckless from regular cleanser. With all these things you must use cleanser which have not very harmful chemicals. You must give an extra care with this process. So, we think these details will be helping to pay attention for this process. Protect your valuable crystal necklace also all the jewelleries without any damages.



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