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How to polish a dull turquoise stone? Simply explain

We will show you that “how to polish a dull turquoise stone?” We would like to define here “what are the dull turquoise stones?” This stone is an opaque coloured stone. This can be market both as a gem for jewellary. These are founding only dry and barren regions on earth. And also, it can find on copper rich groundwater seeps downward and reacts with minerals that contain phosphorus and aluminum. This can be the traditional birthstone. This has a sky blue colour of a medium tone. But saturation gemstone comes in various intensities of blue and greenish blue. This unique colour gemstone has been Iran’s national gemstone and also strongly associated with Native American jewellery. While considering this we can understand this stone is the most valuable one.

The process of finding high grade turquoise is a hard task. After collecting rough stones, they will grind them. Next prepping the epoxy backing and adding prepping stone to slab baking. It is possible to ensure the value of the stone stays intact. After that should trim out the stone and trimming off extra backing. In here use a thinner blade to trim off. Next the stones should pre-formed and cleaning the backing. Another step will apply the dop sticks. This is for easier handling during the rest of the process. After removing scratches from the stone and sanding the stone they will use a finer cutting wheel. Then stone beginning to look polished and finally cutting wheel and hand scrubbing the stones. After a last washing the stone will be ready for inspection. This process gives you a valuable stone and now we pay attention our main topic.

How to polish a dull turquoise stone? The best ways

In here we can pay attention that “how to polish your dull turquoise stone?” There are some tips available give positive result at home in this process. The first one is you can make a baking soda bath. You must mix a tablespoon of soda into quart of hot water and place your turquoise stone for it about half an hour. Next you should buff them gently using dry cloth. This method may be very easy to us. And other method is using a soft bristled toothbrush in clean water. In this process you must pay attention that don’t add any housework products to the water and because chemicals can harm the gem. When you use simple water and toothpaste to this you can polish a dull turquoise stone.

Another method which can mention here is use a silver polish. Sometimes you should want to clean your sterling silver rings. But most of the cleaners can harm your turquoise. Here the tip is using a light polishing which can find you easily any department store. We can recommend the silver ring polish cloth for free with every purchase. As well as you can use lemon and olive oil. when mixed lemon and olive oil it can ability to remove excess and polish your sterling silver stone. But while checking these methods you should pay deep attention to do that without any harmful process. These will be easy tips to you because you can find the materials easily and you can even do at home. We think that you can get more valuable tips with this article to the question of “how to polish a dull turquoise stone?”

Why the turquoise stone dull?

We can identify the turquoise stones from a white to dark navy blue to lime green. But this turquoise can actually change and fade their colour. Then what are the reason for that? These stones are porous and absorptive precious stone. If this stone exposed to water, oil, and other chemicals it will soak like a sponge. This is a main reason for that. Turquoise was made with metals such as aluminum, copper or iron. Therefor it can change the colour as a result of oxidation with water and oil. When we are considering the colour changes we can see the blue turquoise that contains copper can change from a light blue to dark green. As iron it can change from green to darker green. Further effect of the aluminum is changing from light blue to darker blue and green.

In addition, the oil on our hand will affect to dull a turquoise stone. It will give similar affect water. When you are touching your turquoise stone with your fingers it will lead to the stone changing colour. Can you prevent this? Yes, you can treat of these stones using the process of stabilization. This has a different methods and levels, but their purpose is all the same to protect the natural colour and structure of the turquoise. In addition, this process of stabilization you can use the above methods to polish your dull turquoise stone. And while using these stone with juwellary you must pay attention to protect these because these are very valuable stones which are used our juwellaries. We think that the above methods will help to you to solve these troubles.


When are you using the turquoise stone, we have trouble that “how to polish a dull turquoise stone?” In here you should aware the hardness as well as toughness of turquoise stones. Turquoise has a rank 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. This toughness may be generally failed or good. What do you can say about this stability? These are usually stable to light. But when you are using high heat, it can cause to discoloration and damage. The reason for their damage will be the chemical, cosmetic and even skin oils or perspiration.  Because of that even while cleaning this you should pay attention this thing. The safe way may be use warm water with soap. But you don’t use steam or ultrasonic cleaners. Here your purpose will be treated to improve their surface appearance. But you must have some experience before these methods.

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