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How to clean lab diamonds?

In this article we will show you “how to clean lab diamonds?” Sometimes these are called as a man-made diamond. In this process lab diamonds are created inside a lab using cutting edge technology. When the process is finished, they can get man-made diamond that is same as beneath the earth’s surface with chemically, physically, and optically. Some people are saying that lab diamonds are fakes. But it is not a true news because lab diamonds have the same physical and chemical qualities of mined diamonds. But here the correct meaning will be synthetic. However, it is not good for name as a fake. However, you will also have a lab diamond. Then they will be dirty while wearing. Therefore, you must have a good awareness about their cleaning process. So, we are inviting you to read the article properly and follow all the guidelines.

How to clean lab diamonds? Methods

We have there are few types of methods to clean your lab diamonds. We can give explanation about them separately. Firs method is hand cleaning lab created diamonds. This is a simple and easy method that most of the diamond owners are used today. In this process they will need a space to a clean your diamond, a towel, a soft bristle brush, a flannel cloth, bowl with water, a tweezer and jewelry cleaning solution. Spread the cloth out in a well fit area and soak your lab diamond in a bowl. You can catch diamond using a tweezer and grip it while running under the water. Next dip the diamond in jewelry cleaning solution and wait for about five minutes. Rub it using a soft brush and rinse them in fresh water until they clean. After that buff it with a dry flannel and remove all the moisture.

Furthermore, we can say about ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. In this process is more deeply than hand cleaning. This process is simple, but it will have some risks. While the process of ultrasonic it will damage your lab diamonds. The risk is effect internally. The shapes also will be damaged. Therefore, when your diamond has some inner flaws or pointed tips do not go for this method. On the other hand, steamers also a method to clean your lab diamonds. It will take only few minutes and it is a process of environmental friend. But it is a pretty pricey task. However here the most important thing is you just have a good awareness about all processes. Before going to them check the risk of task. Then you can clean your lab diamond without any damages.

Can you clean your lab diamond at home?

According to the above methods you should go for a jeweler because those are requiring more awareness and knowledge. But we can give some easy methods those you can use at your home simply. First you can clean them with soap and warm water. Mix four cups of water and a spoonful of washing soap. After that soak your lab diamond in it. wait for 20 to 40 minutes and then you can dump the diamond. After that clean it using pure water and rub it with a soft cloth to dry well. You can keep it to dry with the air and light. In addition of the soap you can use other solutions because today we can see there are various types of cleaning solutions. Use chemical free cleaning solutions to clean them. For your awareness you can follow the instruction that they gave.

How to clean lab diamonds? In addition of them you can use Windex and hydrogen peroxide. This is a solution a fast and simple. You can clean all the dirty and soil with this technique. Next home tip is, use white vinegar. You can soak your diamond in the bowl of white vinegar and wait for 15 minutes. Remove it and rub well using a delicate fiber brush. After that wash it is using pure water completely.  Next remove all the water using a soft cloth. Then you can get a fresh lab diamond with fresh look. How to clean lab diamonds? For this task you also can use baking soda. Mix baking soda with warm water and make a paste. Then you can put your diamond into the paste and wait for a few minutes. Wash it with water and dry well using soft cloth.

What are the harmful cleaning chemicals for your lab diamond?

In the above we noted there are various types of methods to clean your lab diamonds. But here you must pay more attention to their chemical sides. It means you do not use any abrasive or corrosive liquid or chemicals for clean your lab grown diamonds. Among them the main harmful thing is chlorine bleach. They can damage their sparkling features. As well as you should avoid using ammonia, bleach, and acetone. So, before your cleaning process and while selecting the cleaning solutions it will be very important to consider their ingredients first. Then you can protect your lab diamonds while cleaning also. We think these secret tips are more valuable you.

How to clean lab diamonds? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing the methods to the question on “How to clean lab diamonds?” We think now you will have a good awareness about all the methods. But we suggest you always try to follow all the guidelines properly. Not only cleaning process but also you must keep them after cleaning. While showering does not wear your jewelry with lab diamond because the water will be included chlorine. They will give harmful results and they will fade the color of lab diamonds. As well as you can avoid while working or doing any stressful physical works. Always try to give them a day off and let them relax. You can store in a safe place and clean at least twice a month. Finally, we suggest you handle them with utmost care while avoiding rough and tough usage.



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