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Why do we need gems in jewelry?

From this article you can know that “Why do we need gems in jewelry?” First, we consider what are those gemstones? Usually, gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal. It has unique t=cutting designs and it is used to make jewelry or any other adornment. They are polished and we can see bright appearance from it. they are beauty, durability, and rarity. Because of that reason gemstones are highly prized crystal. They are coming since ancient time, and they have long been used for jewelry. Usually, gemstones have a skill to get other’s attraction. We can see there are a variety of gemstones which as assorted colors and shapes. According to the value of them the prize will be increased. However today fashion industry has a huge market. Therefore, fashion accessories and ornaments have a top trend. With this market most of the fashion designers are used gemstones for jewelry.

Why do we need gems in jewelry? The main reasons

Why do we need gems in jewelry? Because the gemstone can give us there are many benefits. We can mention here some of them for your awareness. We will show you here the common benefits of gemstones. First one is, they allow you to express your unique style. Gemstone has an ability to add sophistication to any basic look. This is timeless elegance. Therefore, we use them to express personality and stand out from the crowd. It brings positive energy. Sometimes it is a surprised thing. But according to the recommendation gemstone is carrying a unique healing power. So, the people who are adding gemstones for their jewelry to get positive energy and healing properties also to take an excellent care of their health. According to the type of gemstone, this benefit will be changed. However, you can be aware for those gemstones and their healing power.

Another thing is, they serve as a meditation tool because usually gemstones can help us to open our mind and expand our awareness. It will also reveal the aspect of ourselves that influence our thinking, experience, and decisions. They will make positive changes in our lives. We can note further gemstone remind us of our purpose. It means, when you are wearing suitable piece of jewelry with a gemstone it will constantly remind of our purpose. We can carry intentions with us all the time. It will lead to a meaningful life. Another common thing is, they bring our inner peace. We can wear a gemstone jewelry that is helping bring us clarity, tranquility, and inner peace. Some of the gemstone has an ability to attract prosperity, conquer sadness and free our mind.

What are the gemstones for health and happiness?

In the above we discussed the common benefits of gemstone. Furthermore, we think that it will be especially important to note gemstones and their benefits separately. You also can add those gemstones to your jewelry to get the benefits. Black tourmaline is the most important gem, it will protect against electromagnetic field. It is known as a psychic shield that can destroy negative energies or entities. If you have a black tourmaline jewelry, you can protect from radiation and airwave pollutants. Another gem is bloodstone. It will give you energy. It can increase energy and it gives the courage us to overcome lethargy. As well as usually bloodstone can purify the blood. Then we can get vitality and longevity while flawing the blood freely. Blood is the most important liquid in our body. Therefore, we suggest you consider this gemstone.

Citrine gemstone will magnify wealth and creativity because it is a manifestation stone. According to the opinions, it can attract wealth and awaken creativity as well as help sustain the process of transforming dreams into reality. We can see most of the artist, healers and bank workers are wearing this stone with jewelry. If you want to cultivate the love, you can try a rose quartz with jewelry. It is growing with the energy of compassion, tenderness, nourishment, and comfort. You can cultivate deep love into your life wearing this. If you want to open up communication, you can try blue lapis gemstone with your jewelry. It encourages honesty with the relationship. In addition of these moonstones will promote clarity of vision. This is safety for travelers, and you can get wisdom, awakened psychic abilities and cure sleeplessness with it.

Why do we need gems in jewelry? Some of the types

In addition of the above details we have any types of gemstones and their benefits. We can give a concise list with them for your comfort of reading.

  • Aquamarine- Guidance to feelings, accept the self-love, calm your life
  • Emarald- Improve the heart chakra, power of the healing, clean the emotional feelings.
  • Amethyst- Open the spiritual perspectives, relieve emotional trauma, avoid the trouble of sleeping
  • Blue topaz- Relieves the stress of physical and mental, solve problems of emotional and thoughts, absorb the heat, relies on the arthritis pain
  • Pearl- Decrease the mental stress, balance the natural rhythm, relieve bloating, and ease the pains of childbirth.
  • Amethyst- Reduce the stress and anxiety, boosts the immune system, help to produce hormones in the body
  • Lapis lazuli- Boosts the immune system, lowers the blood pressure, release the stress, increase the positive feelings, makes the honesty and compassion.
  • Garnet- Boosts the immune system and energy level, give self-confidence, courage and give hopes, inspire the love and devotion

Here we gave you some of the gemstones and their good qualities. So, we think according to the question of “Why do we need gems in jewelry?” you have the more awareness from this article. These are the reasons that why do we need gems in jewelry? We all are looking to wear jewelries. We love those. Because of this reason we can buy or make several types of jewelries. We suggest that you can consider all these benefits and make your unique design to your jewelries. Do not afraid to wear jewelry with gemstones and try to build your personality.



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