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How to build custom engagement ring?

We will show you “how to build custom engagement ring?” What is this ring? Custom engagement ring is a ring that is making with scratch. It is made especially for you. When you wish to design a custom engagement ring you have a freedom to select the design. You can go with your desire choices because it is perfect creation for you when you have a vision for what you want to buy but you cannot find your selection in today market. As well as you can connect directly for the creating process. Because of that reason your engagement ring will be a meaningful and unique one. Your partner also will be happy with your designs and creative idea. It is the simple and basic details about the custom engagement ring. But here we have a responsibility to find out the steps to make custom engagement ring.

How to build custom engagement ring? Building steps

How to build custom engagement ring? Here we can give steps to build a custom engagement ring. First you must have a better awareness about your ring. We mean you should select the shape, size and quality of your diamond center stone. Usually, an engagement ring has a center stone using diamond. Therefore, first you must choose the type of diamond using parameters. Then you can get an idea about the diamond cut, size, and clarity. For that task, the design suite will help you while selecting the center stone. After the first step you should go next to the setting step. Select the ring head the metal frame that sets the diamond into place. You can choose desire setting such as romantic look or classic look. After that you should customize the look and you can select from white diamonds, black diamonds, or blue sapphires as your accent stones.

Next select the mounting. This has two sides like high profile mounting and a lower profile mounting. These mounting styles are depending on the ring head type and mounting option must suit any style or taste. However, in that step you can check the several types of styles and change the look before fixing them onto your ring. Your next step is side setting. This is an option on all mounting designs. You can add white or black diamonds or blue sapphires to the shank of the ring. Here you can decide the surface to add the stones such as halfway, three quarters way or complete way. This also depending on your hand and decision. These settings created without diamonds or other stones the shank allow for the addition of carving as an accent. You can select several types of unique carving because they can give the shank dimensional.

What are the last steps of the building process of custom engagement ring?

How to build custom engagement ring? In the above we think you will get some knowledge about the basic steps of the building process of custom engagement ring. According to that you will understand all the designs are depending on your choices and decisions. So, you have a full of freedom to build your dream engagement ring. Furthermore, next we can go for the last steps of our process. Here you have a responsibility to choose your metal type and color. While considering the type you must pay attention for the weight of them. Some designs are available with the 10K, 14K and 18K. according to the metal types you can select the color such as yellow gold, white, platinum or any other wrinkling colors. As well as we think it will be more beautiful when you create your ring head with an assorted color of gold.

Furthermore, we can remember you always try to combine the metals and their colors suitably. Your color combination skill is the most important part here. Not only that but also you can create your ring with single color of gold. It will also give unique look for an engagement ring. After all the process you should finish the ring with a custom engraving. In that case you have a chance to add message or any words. It is also depending on your choice. It does not have any rule. Then your engagement ring is created completely. But further you can create a wedding band for your engagement ring. This is an optional and special step. Hence you can finish your desire design within four to six weeks.

How much is the cost for build your custom engagement ring?

How to build custom engagement ring? According to this question you will have a doubt about the cost of the process. Usually this will require from $500 to $1500. But this is not an average cost because the cost is depending on your choice. If you have a hard design with choice, it will get more money. But if you have simple ideas, you can do it within low budget. As well as this is depending on the weight and the metal types of your engagement ring. The jeweler will factor into the budget. Hence you can analyze the summary of cost according to your knowledge before the process.

How to build custom engagement ring? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing the question on “How to build custom engagement ring?” Finally, we think our discussion will help to get some awareness about the building process of custom engagement ring. When you select the best custom designer, you can work easily. Your designer must have elevated level of responsibility about the process because you are ordering a unique design to him. When he has decades of design experience you can success ever steps of the ring building task. Here you should spend your ideas only. However, if you created your desire engagement ring it will require proper maintaining process. Always try to keep it clean and do not wear while working, bathing or any other tricky situations. And we suggest finally try to recommend purchasing insurance to cover your ring.



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