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What is Hanadama Pearl

What is Hanadama Pearl? Today our effort is to find out the details of this question. So, you can join hands with us. Before going to the main title, we think give you a simple explanation of pearls commonly. Pearls are a type of gemstone. Usually, these are formed inside shells or mollusks. When some object stands in a piece of the shell such as grain or sand, pearls will be created. In that case, it can be made up of calcium carbonate and protein. Then it will create pearls over time.

What is Hanadama Pearl?

What is Hanadama Pearl? This is used to identify the Akoya pearls. However, the word Hanadama is coming with the translation of “flower pearls” which is described the luster and brilliance of the natural pearls. These are very valuable because of their rarity and high quality. As well as we can identify Hanadama as only a small percentage of Akoya pearls. So today we can see Hanadama pearls around the world.

What are the qualities of Hanadama pearls?

When you identify the specific features of Hanadama pearls, you can understand the meaning of Hanadama pearls furthermore. As the first thing, we cannot forget the luster of this pearl. Because of the skill of reflecting the light in a very sharp and most suitable way from the surface of this pearl, we can see mirror-like luster. This skill can create a high-quality Hanadama pearl. Another important thing is the surface of the Hanadama pearl. They have a high-quality surface that is exceptionally smooth and free from any visible things such as bumps, spots, or damages.

Not only the above qualities but can mention here the color of Hanadama pearls. They can stand up with pure white and slightly cream color surfaces. These colors can increase the brightness of the surface. Further, we think, this may be the creation of high-quality nacre. When we consider the sharpness of Hanadama pearls, it is commonly round or near to the round shape. Then they can show their appearance well. This is a very rare and valuable pearl type.

What are the tests to certify the best Hanadama pearls?

Now we are ready to consider the strands of Hanadama pearls. PSL is used as the most suitable test to certify the strands of this pearl. Among the tests the first one is magnification. This is only the surface test. Another method is inner inspection. In this test, testers used optical fiber. This is used to test the nacre depth. Usually, the thickness of Hanadama pearls should be 0.04mm per side.

Another test is the soft X-ray apparatus. This is the other way to check the depth of the nacre instead of inner inspection by optical fiber. Not only these tests but we can mention here Teri-value apparatus. This test is used to check the reflection light emitting from the surface of Hanadama pearls. From this test, we can identify the strong level of luster in pearls. The Aurora effect is another test that can examine the lighting quality underneath the pearls.

What is Hanadama Pearl Why are Hanadama pearls so expensive?

Do you know that “why are Hanadama pearls so expensive?” We can give you some ideas to understand it. The main thing is their rarity. Because of only the small amount of Akoya pearls, we cannot see more amount of Hanadama pearls. As well as only a few amounts are available in the world. Therefore, Hanadama pearls may be very expensive. Another reason is their high quality. According to the above details you can identify the quality level of Hanadama pearls. It also gives durable and valuable pearl type which can sell at a high cost.

Instead of the above reasons, typically Hanadama is standing up as the superior luster with other pearls. This also creates more value for it than other pearls. Additionally, when we consider the grading standards of metals and gemstones, Hanadama pearls have strict grading standards. It is measured with the surface of Hanadama pearls using the shape, size, shine, and other special appearances. In that case, to take the best place, it should meet the standard at the classification level.

Are Hanadama pearls worth it?

What is Hanadama Pearl? According to the question now you have more details on Hanadama pearls. Further, it will also help you to get a decision about its value of it. Because of the high quality of Hanadama pearls, we think it is worth the money. When you have some creations from it, you do not keep any doubt. Hanadama pearls are worth the money. Now you can buy their pieces of jewelry due to your budget.

What is Hanadama Pearl Can Hanadama be tarnished?

Today fashion lovers are finding durable materials for creations. Here they may expect less faded things. So, we should consider that with Hanadama Pearls also. Usually, Hanadama may not tarnish easily. What is the reason for that? Hanadama pearls are organic gemstone types. As well as they are made from layers of nacre. They were also introduced as a natural product and an amazing creation from mollusks.

Not only the above things but we think, Hanadama pearls have the skill to fight the air, moisture, sunlight, or any other same factors. When they exposure to that factors, they will not react easily. This is the main reason to keep them over time without fading. But you should keep in mind that, when they often meet any harsh chemicals, oil, lotions, perfume, or the same things, they will tarnish over time. This is why you should keep them carefully. We suggest you clean them regularly and avoid exposing those factors.

What is Hanadama Pearl? Bottom line

What is Hanadama Pearl? Did you grab the complete guidelines from this article on Hanadama pearls? We think that our effort is successful. Finally, we suggest, when you have Hanadama pearls with jewelry, take care of them carefully because they are expensive. Without your proper care, you cannot see long-lasting results. Try to protect their luster of them.



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