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What is a Chatham emerald

What is a Chatham emerald? Do you know that? Today our effort is to collect more details on this question. We believe you may like this session. So, we will show you the meaning of Chatham , its definition of it, benefits, tasks, and pros and cons of this. So, you can join your eyes with us to keep reading our article.

What is a Chatham emerald? Main idea

What is a Chatham ? This is a type of lab-created emerald. This is created using there is a unique process in the laboratories. The process is called flux growth. When it is created using the proper way, it will make an amazing creation. Further, this will give there are a lot of benefits.

How to make Chatham emerald?

Now we are going to consider the Chatham process. Here you have a simple explanation of the flux growth process of creating Chatham. As the first thing, scientists used some chemicals to create a flux solution. These chemicals will be included sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, boric acid, and other same chemicals. After that, they keep it at a high temperature. Here their purpose is to metal them and take a liquid.

After the above steps, next, they supply the emerald seed crystals to place into the liquid flux solution. But in this step, they keep in mind to decrease the temperature gradually. They will stay in this step for several weeks. From that, they hope to see the growth of emerald crystals. However, this is a very slow process which will take serval weeks or months even. When the scientist has reached the desired result, they can remove the Chatham carefully. Here they may consider the correct size and shape before removing them.

Why Chatham is so special?

When you consider the quality and features of Chatham , you can identify “why Chatham is so special?” So, we will give you some hints one by one.

High quality

Typically, from gemstones, we all are expecting high quality. In that case, we think, Chatham can give you this level of quality. In a suitable laboratory, this emerald uses regular processes. So it always tries to control its conditions while the growing process. This is the helping method to build a high-quality emerald type. As well as we should note here, Chatham is clearer than natural emerald. It has higher clarity than natural emeralds also.


Another unique feature is the affordability of Chatham . Natural emerald is a rare metal that is making millions of years ago. But Chatham can create after a few weeks. Therefore, it will not respond to higher costs than natural emeralds.

Eco friendly

Natural emeralds should need a proper excavating process. But from that, it will create some negative results on the environment. Unlike this process, Chatham cannot give bad results. Chatham is created in places that do not give harsh results. It will not need the necessary tools those give damage the environment. Therefore we can recommend here, Chatham is an environmentally friendly process.

What is the Chatham emerald jewelry?

What can you create using Chatham ? Today we can there are several types of pieces of jewelry from Chatham. Among them, rings have a top place. This is the most popular chance to create engagement rings. Why have we said that? Unlike diamond or other precious engagement rings, Chatham engagement rings are less expensive. So, you can try this type of engagement ring. Not only rings but we can see necklaces by Chatham emerald also. When they add small pendants, it will give a high appearance.

Furthermore, if you need affordable earrings, we suggest you try Chatham . You can try everyday wear earrings even with this metal. Instead of earrings, Chatham will be well matched to the part of large bangles even. Chatham emerald bracelets as our next item. You can create bracelets using your desired settings and styles. As an example, we suggest you add a center stone to your Chatham bracelets. You also can engrave even your bracelet further.

Does Chatham emerald have negative sides?

Above we noted only the positive sides of Chatham emerald. But sometimes we can hear bad sides from Chatham. What are these? When someone is comparing the value of natural emeralds and Chatham emeralds, they may think that Chatham is of low quality. Then it can be prone to cracking or damage. But keep in mind that, this may happen only to someone. Like all emeralds, Chatham also may last when it meets physical effects. Some areas will damage with less attention.

How to select the best quality Chatham emerald?

What is a Chatham emerald? When you understand the most suitable solutions for this question you can select the best types of Chatham emerald. However, we can mention here some factors that you should consider while finding the best quality Chatham emerald. First, think about its color of it. High-quality Chatham should have a vivid green color. As well as this color should share the same shine throughout the whole surface. This should keep as free from any yellow and brown undertones.

In addition to color, we suggest you consider the clarity of the Chatham emerald. By only eye, clean clarity with emerald and should not have visible inclusion to your naked eye. Further, it is time to go with well-proportioned cut emeralds because those can give you a polished and shiny look well. As the other considering thing, you should think about the carat weight. You must select worth one with your budget.

What is a Chatham emerald? Bottom line

We have some different ideas on “What is a Chatham emerald?” Now you have more details on Chatham emeralds and you can follow our guidelines to buy your desired Chatham emerald jewelry. Finally, we think, if you are a Chatham emerald owner, you should take care of it well using only proper methods. Clean them regularly and store them in a suitable place.



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