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Types of chokers and what they mean

We are preparing to explain the types of chokers and what they mean. First it will be important to consider the instruction of chokers necklaces. What are these? These are a necklace which can fit closely around the neck like a sung. And it will appear as a high collar. These are coming from 19th century, and it is popular through the 20th century. These are using diverse types of metals, and these have more meanings with the designs including a protective amulet, death symbol and romantic gesture. Usually, these necklaces are often made of fabric since they are so close fitting. But here we can see there are many other styles and materials. When you select the correct choice, it can be a great fashion accessory and you can do different experiments with these styles.

While considering the types of choker necklace and their meanings this article will help so much. These styles are coming from the long history and over the time it will be out of the fashion. But today we can see this style as fashion accessories. Some women who are wearing these according to some cultures and religions. And they are use this style even their wedding. But these choker necklaces have there been lots of meanings. All these several types of chokers on the market today among the fashion industry. However, when we consider the common symbol of these, it has been regarded of political aggression. In addition, we found another meaning of chokers and they will note follow.

What are the types of chokers and what they mean?

According to the above details you can get a basic idea about the choker necklace. So here we will explain the types of chokers and what they mean. For your reading comfortable we give as a list with these types.

  1. Silk choker – This mean that you are hard working and strong- willed. You will get down to business all the times regarding the task at hand.
  2. Charmed choker – This mean that you are a charm person, and you can make friends easily.
  3. Diamond chokers – when you are wearing this one it will show the enthusiastic, energetic, and bright, with a personality.
  4. Velvet choker – This means that you are an individual that possesses and air of confidence. This has an ability to admire by almost everyone.
  5. Lace choker – when you are wearing this one, it means you are a very warm-hearted person who also has a warm soul.
  6. Tattoo choker necklace – This is the most popular necklace among the chokers. This will allow you to reminisce in the good, old times while giving cool retro vibes.
  7. Colourful choker – This is the one of choker type and this will emphasize your love for the highs from excitement and groups. It will reflect in your appreciation for brightly colored cloths and accessories.
  8. Dainty choker – From this it will mean you are a quite and an introvert. This will also determine fierce, feisty, and extraordinarily strong. This is not soft or frail as they may assume.
  9. Bow chocker – This will mean you are a cute, quirky, adorable person and you have this spunky personality that brightens up room.
  10. Pendant choker – If you are a pendant choker lover you are listening to classical music every day.                                                           

How to choose a correct choker necklace?

According to the types of chokers and what they mean, we think that it will be very important to know the way of choosing the correct choker necklace. So, you can pay attention about the following guidelines. First you must evaluate your neck and face shape before buying this. So, you can measure your neck using a soft measuring tape. Then you can check the comfortable length of your neck. Then access the length and width of your neck. Usually, choker give better look with long and slender necks. You can remember it for the awareness. Not only that you must also consider you face shape also. As an example, we can note here that, if you have a round face, you must steer clear of chokers because they will emphasize the roundness. But if you have oval shaped face, you can select any shapes and length of chokers.

Another main thing is, select by style and color. According to the above meanings of types we think you can select the correct meaning of choker necklace. In addition of this chose colors that look best with your skin. Not only choker but also all the accessories are requiring this quality. Dark skin will match with neutral colors and when you have a light skin you can go with dark colors of choker necklace. Another thing that we suggest you, go with a chic fabric choker because it is unique and lightweight one. As well as select pieces made of leather, velvet or lace for a goth inspired look. They are simple with a snap closure also they are popular in pink and goth fashion. It will be given distinctive style that try a metal choker for a bold or structured look.

“Types of chokers and what they mean” Bottom line

We discussed more details about the types of chokers and what they mean. So, you can be aware with them. Finally, as a conclusion we suggest you before wearing your choker necklace it will be very important to identify the different types and their meanings. However, when someone wears this fashion, it will show the style of his or her. In addition, these details you can receive like this necklace as a gift. As well as today among the society these fashions have a terrible thing. That is the people who are believing that women who wear chokers are “sluts.” But it is wrong opinion. Choker necklace are the most attractive and pretty way to show your necklace styles according to your outfit and occasions.



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