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Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Jewelry

Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Jewelry

Jewelry holds both financial and sentimental value. For its durability, proper care and maintenance should be undertaken so as to keep these beautiful pieces looking their best! Below are a few essential tips on taking good care in maintaining them so they remain looking their best over time!

1. Regular Cleaning

To maintain jewelry at its best, regular cleaning is key to its long-term preservation. Over time, dust, oils and grime build up on jewelry pieces over time, dulling their shine over time. For best results use either a gentle jewelry cleaner or mix of mild soap and warm water; gently scrub with soft toothbrush then always rinse afterwards thoroughly – avoid harsh chemicals which could potentially harm fragile gems or metals!

2. Proper Storage

Proper jewelry storage is key to its care and preservation. Individual pieces should be placed into soft pouches or lined jewelry boxes in order to avoid scratches and tangling; humid areas should be avoided as prolonged exposure could tarnish metals over time.

3. Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Household cleaners, perfumes and lotions contain chemicals which can damage jewelry by discoloring its metal and weakening it over time. To prolong its lifespan significantly, always take steps such as taking off jewelry when cleaning, applying makeup or swimming in chlorinated water.

4. Regular Inspections

It is crucial that jewelry be regularly checked for signs of wear and tear, loose stones or damaged clasps. Should any issues arise, seek assistance from a professional jeweler immediately for repairs; maintenance checks can help stop minor issues from becoming larger ones.

5. Proper Wear and Care

Be mindful when wearing delicate pieces such as necklaces. Activities which could result in damage such as sports or heavy lifting should not require such pieces, while rings should also be removed prior to engaging in manual labor activities in order to prevent bending or scratching them accidentally.

6. Stone-Specific Care

Different gemstones require various methods of care. Pearls are particularly susceptible to acids and should be cleaned off using a soft cloth after wear; on the other hand, diamonds tend to be relatively durable but still susceptible to chipping under hard pressure – so make sure you understand which stones belong in your collection so they’ll receive adequate TLC!

7. Professional Cleaning

In addition to home cleaning, professional jewelers possess the specialized tools and knowledge required to safely polish and clean jewelry without risk of damage. As part of your annual preventive maintenance routine, consider having professional jewelry cleaning performed.


Maintaining jewelry requires regular cleaning, storage and careful wear. By following these essential tips for jewelry maintenance, you can help your precious pieces remain beautiful for many years – both monetary and sentimentally valuable investments!



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