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Pass diamond tester? Simply explain

From this article we will show you about the “pass diamond tester”. Frist we would like to define that “What is the pass diamond tester?” Let’s pay attention now. This means a handheld pen tester that measures a gemstone’s thermal conductivity. It will be the process of a gem handles heat. In here it will be able a small metal point which when put on a gem surface. From this should measure how quickly heat travels through the stone. Do you know what is the reason for use diamond in here? The reason is because the diamond has super high conductivity. This diamond test will be a helpful tool as a part of multistage test. In here there is a disadvantage that should not be solely relied upon. In this proses why are you using pen? Because it will be a helpful way to separate out CZ from diamond.

While doing this it may be a beginning and end of their use because other gems have high conductivity such as moissanite. And it will be a cause that testers themselves notoriously malfunction. Can you pass the fake diamond pass the diamond tester? You can pass some diamond such as moissanite, a man-made gem because their very high thermal conductivity. Then what are not pass this? They are such as CZ. Because of those reasons you should pay attention here that is the most important to use multiple tests to confirm your stone. Within this test the diamond tester will wish to test only positive for diamond and moissanite. In here there is a question will you have that “is moissanite pass the diamond tester?” We can mention for that shortly “yes” as the answer.

Will moissanite pass diamond tester?

When you consider the above details, you can get an idea about the diamond tester? Now we are expecting to discuss that the “will moissanite pass diamond tester?” Frist we should identify “what are the moissanite stones?” These stones are the most like diamond in terms of their look and other key characteristics. while testing this will be very similar to diamond in that area because they only test heat conductivity. Therefore, moissanite often will be misidentified as a diamond. But some of the trained professionals can easily identify moissanite from a diamond with some common tool of trade. If you have trouble with this, you can do testing electrical conductivity because it will be more certain way to distinguish the two stones. As well as some multi testers also can measure this from this diamond tester.

While comparing the diamond and moissanite, moissanite is more sparkly and exhibits colorful fire. The reason for that is moissanite’s higher and double refractive index. However, the professionalism has an ability to usually be defined by its distinctive fire. So, we have to suggest that the value and unique level of moissanite. It has an ability to lasting beauty, extra sparkle, and attractive price tag.  If you are a diamond lover, you can use this moissanite as a diamond dupe. And also, with these details we are trying to tell you the value of those things and how to pass the diamond tester. Furthermore, we would like to talk say both diamond and moissanite can easily pass diamond tester. So now we show you what are the value and limitation of pass diamond tester.

What are the value and limitation of diamond tester?

In the above you can get some information about pass diamond tester. In addition, you should be a question of “what are the value and limitation of diamond tester?” Now we are showing these. The diamond test means that as a stranded gemological equipment. You can test thermal conductivity with your basic diamond test. In here you can distinguish diamonds and moissanite from other stones. Some testers can’t identify the small differences such as moissanite and diamond. There is a limitation of this with is it can not be used to tell the deference between natural or synthetic stone. You must specify the types of gems it can be detected and in here you don’t have an opportunity to determine if any given stone by you stone is real or fake. This will be given trouble to you.

And also, here if you have a stone which made diamond of another material other than a gemstone you can’t be detected by the diamond tester. Further discussing this your diamond should not cut or shaped to like a diamond while determining it. When you go to define your stone as a diamond you can identify its either diamond or moissanite. But after that you should use a subsequent test when your moissanite test indicate the stone is a moissanite. You should go with this when your tester giving positive result to moissanite. If you want to determine your stone with the diamond tester you must be agreed with these limitations. And you can be defined that the value of this task. These details will help to your awareness about the pass diamond tester.

Bottom line

From this article we discussed the pass diamond tester.  We can explain here as a conclusion with this tester, you can identify stones towards diamond. But moissanite are same as a diamond. Because of that it will give you same results of diamond. Then how do you test for diamond and moissanite. You can follow there are few options. The first thing is test for high thermal conductivity. Here the stone does not have high thermal conductivity it will not a diamond. You can check for a certificate inscription because most of the diamonds have microscopic engraving.  And also check for doubling.  If you wish to the crown facets of a diamond the bottom point will be crisp and single. The bottom point is called culet. So, you can pay attention about these factors with these. You can share these details among your friends too for their awareness.

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