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Are diamonds and gems the same


In this article we are ready to discuss that “Are diamonds and gems the same?” Usually, diamonds and gemstones are extremely attractive stones those are using to create jewelries and any other same things. These are the perfect stones. Sometimes the people are thinking that diamonds are completely different from gemstones. But we can note here diamond is a different type of gemstone and it has very own unique features of gemstones. As well as we can identify diamonds as the hardest stone in the world. However, we can see there are some differences and the similarities between gemstones and diamond. So today we are ready to explain them briefly. You can follow our article to get more details with this.

Are diamonds and gems the same?

To inform about this we think find the similarities and differences between diamonds and gems. As a first thing we can note here diamonds are technically gemstones. According to the social opinions gemstones are colorful stones such as rubies, opals, emeralds, and sapphires. As well as they are technically gemstones. Diamond is the most precious gemstone per carat of all the gemstones and they are made of carbon. However, we can see there are vast number of diamonds in the world. All the gemstones have their own beauty, and it is the biggest reason to consider the value of them. Another special thing is diamonds are considering of higher quality with the colorless quality. But usually, gemstones are valued with their color. Not only that but also it is considering the hue, tone, and the saturation. According to the color of gemstones we can categorize their value.

Furthermore, while considering the qualities of affordable and the strong, gemstones are more affordable. Commonly diamonds are famous as the most precious and rare stones. Therefore, they gemstones are more affordable per carat according to that point. Therefore, most of the people are using gemstone as their alternative stone to a diamond ring also. Beauty and unique look of the gemstone will be the reasons for that task. As an example, when you are going to make an engagement ring according to your budget it will be more suitable to select gemstone ring than diamond ring. But diamonds are stronger than gemstones. According to the Mohs scale they are the hardest stone. It will not be prone with the time, and we cannot see any signs while wearing them. When we are searching all these things, we can understand gemstone and diamonds have some differences.

What are the diamonds alternative gems?

Are diamonds and gems the same? While considering diamonds and gems we found some alternative gemstones for diamonds. What is the meaning of diamond alternative? It is a simply any gemstone a person might select instead of a diamond in their jewelries. These are mostly used for the engagement rings. So, what are the best alternative to a diamond? When you wish to go with a non-diamond gemstone for your jewelries such as engagement ring, we can select a moissanite or sapphire gemstone. But we cannot say that they are same stones. Sometimes these are still durable. You can select them to everyday wear. As well as moissanite and sapphire are offering a variety of color options with the bright white.

However, when you are choosing the most brilliant diamond alternative among the gemstones you can go with moissanite. It has higher refractive index than a diamond. It is from 2.65 to 2.69. They can make superior sparkle and rainbow brilliance. Because of than reason sometimes we can think these gemstones are slightly same for the diamond. However, what are the most inexpensive diamond alternative gemstone? It will be softer gems such as morganites, aquamarines and amethysts. Those are also beautiful, and you can wear them every day. But they are not hard like diamond. Therefore, it will be different from diamond with their strong quality. Because of that reason you can spend less money for them. And with the time it can damage. Aquamarine gemstone also will be dull with the time when you are wearing them everyday with the household soaps, cleanser, makeup, and the lotions.

What can we use gemstones naturally as diamonds?

Here we can give some gemstones as popular natural diamond alternative. Sometimes they will appear same as diamond but sometimes they will be different from them. Lab grown diamond is first stone. These are the natural diamond. They have more brilliant sparkle. Another one is moissanites. This is the largest visual difference between gemstones and diamonds. Morganites also can get as diamond. When they paired with rose gold you can get unique design. Emarald is unlike diamond but typically a lot more brilliant and clearer than natural emeralds. In addition of these we can mention rubies, amethyst as an alternative stone for diamonds. So, you can select your favorite alternative diamond among them. These are sometime will show many differences. But sometimes will show similarities. In that case if you do not have enough money to spend for diamond you can consider them with cheap amount.

Are diamonds and gems the same? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing until now the question on “Are diamonds and gems the same?” We think now you will have more ideas about the diamond and gems. Usually both gems and diamonds are renowned for their durability, versatility, and the beauty. As well as they all have some unique qualities. According to the definitive answer we can mention that diamonds are the first a mineral and then a gem. In addition of this diamond has a high lustier of value. They have an ability to disperse white light with the rainbow colors. As a gemstone we can consider diamond is the most value stone. Diamonds are simply hard substance and commonly include for minerals. With their quality of workmanship, we can make beautiful designs for our jewelries. This article will help you much. Before going to make your own jewelry, you can consider these details.

Bracelets that you can make


We are here to show you “bracelets that you can make.” So, what can we make easily? Today we can see there are distinct types of bracelets around the world. Basically, they have different type of purposes. Some of them are difficult to create while others are easy to create yourself. As well as it can be so much fun activity. So can do that as a habit or as your hobby. On the other hand, some people are making bracelets to earn money. However, the initial cost of these bracelets can be reducing quite a bit. You also have an ability to start make bracelets at your home even. Not only that but also you can overcome the traditional designs by using your latest ideas for those creations. Then you can market them easily. However, in this article we give you some designs of bracelets for your awareness.

What are the bracelets that you can make? Types of bracelets

We will give you some ideas and their materials to create your bracelet items. But we should note here give you only few items and its creating method.

1] Memory wire bracelet

Get a memory wire, round nosed pliers, wire cutter, two colors of beads, metal spacers, a large focal bead and end caps. Then you can start it with using round pliers to form a small ring. Next trim off several coils and start the threading your beads. With this step you should include the focal bead in the center and add an end cap to side. You can follow some pattern also. Then you can get last results as a stacked two-tone look.

2] Wire Wrapped Wooden Bangle Bracelet

Here you should need a raw wood bangle bracelet, acrylic craft paint, paintbrush, washi tape, wire, wire cutters and glue. After that you can start this by wrapping the washi tape around the bangle that covers half of its surface. Here you should smooth down. Sometimes it will lay completely flat within the multiple curved surfaces. Next you can paint the exposed wood and let it dry for two hours. Here you should peel the washi tape off and after discarding it. After that start to warp the wire around the bangle. Secure the ends of them using glue. Let it dry and now you will have a bangle.

3]Washi tape wooden bracelets

Here you should need tall glass of water, mug, jumbo sized popsicle stick, awl or piercing tool, hemp beading cord, scissors, and assorted colors washi tape. First you should soak the popsicle sticks in water until they are pliable enough to mold. Next create them into a bracelet shape and place them molded sticks in your mug. Then wrap the washi tape around the bracelet

What are the easiest bracelet patterns to make?

While considering the methods of making bracelets we think it will be especially important to give you some ideas about the easiest bracelet patterns. The easiest method is friendship bracelet. Usually, we can see making friendship is practically a rite of passage. You can start this with some colorful embroidery floss and a pattern. As well as you can give them your relations and wear them while your journeys. However, before going to the process, you must have a good knowledge about the methods and the patterns of them. You can ask someone who has experience about the process. On the other hand, you can check some making videos through the internet or social media. When you read the correct patterns, you can easily tie them. As well as these are made by tying simple knots. They on strands of floss.

Why should we make bracelets?

According to the point of our article we are finding the methods and patterns of the bracelets that you can make. However, in the above we gave some of the small patterns only. You must keep in mind we can see there are a vast number of designs in the market. However why we should make bracelets? As a first thing we can note her, it is a hobby. Some people have crafting skills. Then they can make bracelets as their habit. It will help to increase their creative skills and it will give some fun moments in their free times. It will not waste your time. When children are making them, it will help to increase their skills and it will give experiment to them. From that they surely learn something new. They can relax their mind also. It will be helping to increase the energy of mind.

“Bracelets that you can make” Furthermore, we can note here crafting activities can give us an excellent opportunity to develop fine motor skills and improve manual dexterity. This is more important to the kids. As well as it will help to improve ways of building independence and confident. While controlling our hands and mind we can be happy while seeing the end result of unique bracelet. If you want to give a gift to your best friend or any other relation, you can make them as your own creative thing. Then they will be happy about your gift, and they also will appreciate your skill.

“Bracelets that you can make” Bottom line

In this article we are finding the more details about “Bracelets that you can make” SO we think now you will have a basic idea about those processes. As a conclusion we suggest you try to create new things your own ways. These are not sometimes requiring more tools or more time. You can find the need things at your home also. You do not waste your money. Definitely this is the best way also earn money. Today we can see there is a substantial number of customers who are looking for new fashions. Among them bracelets have a top place because they can easily wear, and they are suitable for any occasions. So finally, we think these ideas will help you much.

Friendship bracelet words making


We are here to discuss the theory of “Friendship bracelet words making” So you can spend time to read this for your awareness. What are these friendship bracelets? They are the significant symbol which can give someone from someone. It will show the friendship between two persons. As well as we can identify these bracelets have a long history which is coming from central and south America. Some cultural opinions are place the bracelets on the wrist of friends because they are believing that can wish for something at those moments. And they mean with this put energy and love into their friendship with honor the time. As well as we are recommended this as a unique and memorable gift for your friends. The important part is making words on the bracelets. You can give as a gift friendship bracelet with some words that you want to tell them.

What do you want for the process of “Friendship bracelet words making”?

While considering the process of “Friendship bracelet words making” first we must know about the need things for this task. Before you start the process, you must supply all the necessary things because it will be effortless way to do that without issues. First you must supply embroidery floss. It can be coming with diverse colors and packs. Not only that but also you can bye them even separately. We can find them from shops and craft stores. In addition of them you need scissors and tape. Next find a homemade loom. You can make it use a piece of cardboard. Cut a one slit in the middle on the top edge of your cardboard piece. And cut eleven evenly spaced 1-inch slits along the bottom edge. Then you can get your own loom. Now it is time to start the mission to designs words on your friendship bracelet.

What is the word making process on friendship bracelet?

As a first step you must prepare the thread to make a string bracelet. We suggest you select your desire two colors only. After that you can cut out the treads while considering the size of wrist. After that you must double it and cut that length. Here you must cut out the five pieces. Next pull out some string while holding the floss. It should be your background color. This color will be wanted more, and you should supply it for enough length. At this time, you should make a knot at the top to tie your bracelet onto your wrist. After that put, a knot into the top slit of your loom and place each other strings into slits along the bottom of your loom. As well as here the string must keep in the slit which is on the left way.

According to the above steps you can identify the places where you need to make a knot on. You should continue the process to make knots on the rest of the strings. When you are in last raw you can take background color and repeat the process. In this time, you can add friendship bracelet letters. But first you can draw the appearance of letters. It will help to identify the places of knots. In this situation your letters will be placed horizontally. You can make your letters using these methods and we think when you get experiences you can do it easily. However, your experiment will more valuable part. When you finished all letters, you can braid with your background color floss. You should do that until you have reached the desire length. Finally braid the ends together into three separate strands with leaving two inches of threads.

What are the words we can make on the friendship bracelet?

In the above details we think you will get some basic idea about the words making process on your friendship bracelets. In addition of those details you can search words making videos even. However, you can start your words making process without any doubts because it is not a challenging task. What can you draw in it? Usually, you will wish to give it you are the best friend. Then you can make her or him first name or initials. If they have a long name, you can short it and make. Sometimes they will have lovely extra name even. You can make those names also. But some people are using the friendship bracelets to express their feelings. If you must tell something to someone you can make it on the friendship bracelet and give it. however, you will have not a limit or rule to make the words.

Can you make a name bracelet with letter beads?

In addition of the above method we can note here the easiest way. You should here find the beads for each letter. After that measure, the length of elastic string that will fit on your wrist. Next you can start the string colorful beads onto your bracelet. Here you can differently shape of beads, patterns, and colors also. Then your craft will give attractive look. After adding the beads into your string, you can tie off it and trim the excess elastic string. Next apply the glue to your end knots. Then it will finish strongly, and you can see a beautiful beads bracelet with words.

“Friendship bracelet words making” Bottom line

In this article we are discussing more details around the creative way of “Friendship bracelet words making.” When you wish to give words bracelet to your friend this will be a good space to be aware about the making process. Finally, we suggest you before going to make main purpose of bracelet you can make another temporary one to get experiences. Then you can control your hand suitably according to the making bracelets. As well as we think if you can give your own creative craft designs for your loving persons, they will be happy much and they will keep it as a memory. 

How to clean lab diamonds?


In this article we will show you “how to clean lab diamonds?” Sometimes these are called as a man-made diamond. In this process lab diamonds are created inside a lab using cutting edge technology. When the process is finished, they can get man-made diamond that is same as beneath the earth’s surface with chemically, physically, and optically. Some people are saying that lab diamonds are fakes. But it is not a true news because lab diamonds have the same physical and chemical qualities of mined diamonds. But here the correct meaning will be synthetic. However, it is not good for name as a fake. However, you will also have a lab diamond. Then they will be dirty while wearing. Therefore, you must have a good awareness about their cleaning process. So, we are inviting you to read the article properly and follow all the guidelines.

How to clean lab diamonds? Methods

We have there are few types of methods to clean your lab diamonds. We can give explanation about them separately. Firs method is hand cleaning lab created diamonds. This is a simple and easy method that most of the diamond owners are used today. In this process they will need a space to a clean your diamond, a towel, a soft bristle brush, a flannel cloth, bowl with water, a tweezer and jewelry cleaning solution. Spread the cloth out in a well fit area and soak your lab diamond in a bowl. You can catch diamond using a tweezer and grip it while running under the water. Next dip the diamond in jewelry cleaning solution and wait for about five minutes. Rub it using a soft brush and rinse them in fresh water until they clean. After that buff it with a dry flannel and remove all the moisture.

Furthermore, we can say about ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. In this process is more deeply than hand cleaning. This process is simple, but it will have some risks. While the process of ultrasonic it will damage your lab diamonds. The risk is effect internally. The shapes also will be damaged. Therefore, when your diamond has some inner flaws or pointed tips do not go for this method. On the other hand, steamers also a method to clean your lab diamonds. It will take only few minutes and it is a process of environmental friend. But it is a pretty pricey task. However here the most important thing is you just have a good awareness about all processes. Before going to them check the risk of task. Then you can clean your lab diamond without any damages.

Can you clean your lab diamond at home?

According to the above methods you should go for a jeweler because those are requiring more awareness and knowledge. But we can give some easy methods those you can use at your home simply. First you can clean them with soap and warm water. Mix four cups of water and a spoonful of washing soap. After that soak your lab diamond in it. wait for 20 to 40 minutes and then you can dump the diamond. After that clean it using pure water and rub it with a soft cloth to dry well. You can keep it to dry with the air and light. In addition of the soap you can use other solutions because today we can see there are various types of cleaning solutions. Use chemical free cleaning solutions to clean them. For your awareness you can follow the instruction that they gave.

How to clean lab diamonds? In addition of them you can use Windex and hydrogen peroxide. This is a solution a fast and simple. You can clean all the dirty and soil with this technique. Next home tip is, use white vinegar. You can soak your diamond in the bowl of white vinegar and wait for 15 minutes. Remove it and rub well using a delicate fiber brush. After that wash it is using pure water completely.  Next remove all the water using a soft cloth. Then you can get a fresh lab diamond with fresh look. How to clean lab diamonds? For this task you also can use baking soda. Mix baking soda with warm water and make a paste. Then you can put your diamond into the paste and wait for a few minutes. Wash it with water and dry well using soft cloth.

What are the harmful cleaning chemicals for your lab diamond?

In the above we noted there are various types of methods to clean your lab diamonds. But here you must pay more attention to their chemical sides. It means you do not use any abrasive or corrosive liquid or chemicals for clean your lab grown diamonds. Among them the main harmful thing is chlorine bleach. They can damage their sparkling features. As well as you should avoid using ammonia, bleach, and acetone. So, before your cleaning process and while selecting the cleaning solutions it will be very important to consider their ingredients first. Then you can protect your lab diamonds while cleaning also. We think these secret tips are more valuable you.

How to clean lab diamonds? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing the methods to the question on “How to clean lab diamonds?” We think now you will have a good awareness about all the methods. But we suggest you always try to follow all the guidelines properly. Not only cleaning process but also you must keep them after cleaning. While showering does not wear your jewelry with lab diamond because the water will be included chlorine. They will give harmful results and they will fade the color of lab diamonds. As well as you can avoid while working or doing any stressful physical works. Always try to give them a day off and let them relax. You can store in a safe place and clean at least twice a month. Finally, we suggest you handle them with utmost care while avoiding rough and tough usage.

How to clean my David Yurman ring?


We are here to discuss “How to clean my David Yurman ring?” First, we are ready to get basic knowledge about the David Yurman jewelries. What are these? It is an iconic brand around the world. The people who are loving them and it has unique designs and frame. According to the historical reports David is a creative person and he enjoyed playing with several types of media such as sculpting, welding and any other art forms. He was born in 1942 and started selling sculptures he had made. Over the time he made jewelry designs with piece together stainless steel and diamonds. After that David Yurman brand introduced the silver ice collection. Not only that he was experimented all the fashion jewelries with his experiences.

How to clean my David Yurman ring?

Usually, your ring needs to wash and clean with over the time because it will have dust or any other things. If you want to clean it professionally you can go for a jeweler. But we can give you some simple ways to care and clean your David Yurman Ring. If you can follow them, you can maintain your ring without bad results. Usually, you must go once a year for professional cleaning method. But you follow our method between this time. But you must remember that this method only uses for the rings with diamond, silver, gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, stainless steel, or tungsten carbide. Because most of the David Yurman rings are made from stainless steel you can follow our guideline to clean them.

What are the necessary things to clean your David Yurman ring?

How to clean my David Yurman ring? According to the above details you can get decision to clean your ring. But before the process you should have supply all the tools and necessary things. What are them? Soft cloth, old toothbrush, ammonia-based cleaning solution such as Windex, a plastic strainer [here it will be useful to supply a strainer with a handle, lint free paper or microfiber cloth. When you have these all the things you can start your cleaning process. But here you must keep in mind do not use any hard things to rub or wash ring because they will damage your ring. As well as while selecting your cleaning solution because some solutions will give bad results for your jewelries. You can get more advice from your jeweler also for the cleaning solutions and the methods.

How to clean my David Yurman ring? Method

First you should place the David Yurman ring on the cloth to protect it from any hard surfaces. As well as it will help to prevent the ring from slipping more while cleaning. Then you can start the cleaning steps. After that get, your cleaning solution and spray them on your ring. You can wear gloves your hand to protect them. But here you must understand then when the solutions do not harm your hands or glass it will not also harmful for diamonds or any other precious metals. After that you can use old toothbrush to brush the ring. In that case you can brush not only on the surface but also inside of the ring. Here the basic purpose is to lather the solutions to dislodge accumulated dirt and oil. So, you can do that continually until you feel that the dirt has been removed from ring.

After the above steps you can place your ring in the plastic strainer that you supplied before. Next you have to wash your ring. Strainer is helping to hold your ring while washing without drop down. Additionally, here it will be very important to keep in mind use only hot water because hot water can remove all the oil and dirt on the ring. And we suggest you wash your ring for half of minute. Next remove the ring from the strainer. Next you should absorb all the moisture on the ring using lint free paper or a microfiber cloth. Sometimes in this situation your ring will too hot, but it will cool quickly and only become warm water to the touch. When you finish all these methods correctly your ring looks clean and sparkle beautifully.

How do you remove tarnish from your David Yurman ring?

According to the above methods you can clean your David Yurman ring. In that case you will think that “Can I remove tarnish from my David Yurman ring?” Yes, you can do it. this is a normal issue when your ring meets saltwater, air pollutions or any other things. In that time, you must clean them using a proper way. You can remove them wiping it with a white side of a David Yurman polishing cloth. Here you must follow regular basis methods and experts are recommended this. As well as you can use warm water, mild soap and a clean, soft cotton or flannel cloth, a special sterling silver cleaning cloth or a smooth brush to remove heavy tarnish from your ring. When your ring has a more stubborn tarnish or oxidation you must surely follow all the instructions correctly.

How to clean my David Yurman ring? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing until now the question “How to clean my David Yurman ring?” Now you will have a good awareness about the cleaning process of them. However here we can tell you when your ring has some gemstones you must be careful because while cleaning your ring they will damage. As well as it is not advised to use any type of silver polish on the metal. When the gemstone damaged you must spend more money to repair them. As well as sometimes your ring will discoloration while cleaning process. Always try to protect your David Yurman ring that are combined with various textures to create unique designs. While bathing, exposing sunlight or going to the outside also you must pay more attention and follow our advice. 

How to make a ring from two gold rings?


We will show you “How to make a ring from two gold rings?” This will be not an effortless process. But sometimes the people want to make a new ring using their old two gold rings. This process is done by melting the gold. When gold melted down it can reform a new one. But in this process, it will cause problems with a fine setting. Because of that reason the rings with gemstones are not used for this process. But you can melt and make a new ring. And here you must keep in mind you cannot change the alloy such as you cannot turn yellow gold to white gold. However, you will go for this process because of your personal reasons. In that case it will be particularly important to know all the details about the process and around it.

“How to make a ring from two gold rings?” Method

How to make a ring from two gold rings? Here the method is ring soldering. For this process you must go for a jeweler. Then they will do the melting process and combine your two gold rings. In this process they can also add some gemstones or any other designs. When reform your two rings it will give new and fresh design. So, we can say further ring soldering is the method of the way of bonding your two beloved wedding bands together. In that case the bonding task will easy when melt the filler metal. But your jeweler makes the contemporary design without any altered or damaged. As well as when they combined you cannot easily separate. As well as you cannot melt or do soldering method yourself. It is time to give your order to the special and well skilled jeweler.

What are the benefits of making a ring from two gold rings?

With the above details you will know the process of making a new ring. Actually, is this a good process? In here we can give some benefits of the process. First one is, it can protect your rings because when you are wearing two rings on the same finger, they will go to rub against one another. This will be cause to excessive ring maintenance. According to this you should spend hefty cost long term. But if you can solder them, you can solve this issue. As well as while wearing two rings they will slide around on your finger. Then it will give you discomfort. So, you can make a ring from melting two rings. It means soldering is helping you keep your rings looking perfectly intact.

In addition of the above benefits when you make a ring from two rings it will give a comfortable and effortless fit. When you have two rings on a same finger it will be a risk because a ring can lose while wearing. When you have two rings on your hand, attention to one ring separately may be minimal. But soldering ring can reduce this risk and it can give more comfort together. As well as it will not painful because they are moving as a one ring. According to the above all the benefit we can understand that when we have a one ring on fingers it is the best way to reduce more issues than wearing two rings. If you have an old ring, you can try this process.

What are the disadvantages of making a ring from two ring?

In the above we gave you only advantages of making a ring from two rings. But while considering more details we found there are some disadvantages also. What are they? you cannot wear them along when you are soldering. When your ring has gemstone, it will face to risk because they can be damaged. Your two types of rings give one type only with this. So, you will fall to sad. Not only that but also, we can note here this process give demanding situations while separating. Sometimes your one ring may be coming from your generation. In that case you cannot get that ring after melting. As well as sometimes this will reduce the value and the appearance of ring if they damaged. And you must give more time for this process. It also is not a good thing with your wedding ring or engagement ring.

How much is the cost of ring combining?

According to the question of “How to make a ring from two gold rings?” we think you must have an awareness about the cost of the process. Here it will require the cost as low as $45. But this is depending on the risk of melting and the value of the task. When you give large rings, it will get large amount but when you give small rings it will not get large task. So, we think according to the size, design, and the material of the rings the cost you must count. However, it will more than buy a new one sometimes. As well as you must pay more attention because this task will damage your rings.

How to make a ring from two gold rings? Bottom line

“How to make a ring from two gold rings?” So, we think now you will have a good awareness about the melting process. How to make a ring from two gold rings? This will be a hard and dangerous task. As well as you cannot do that by yourself at home. You must go for a good skill with jeweler. Then he will melt you two rings and make a one. This is the permanent process. But if you do not go for a permanent one you can combine your two rings with yarn or any other binding things or you should consider fixing your rings with ring adjuster. Further you can add metal or plastic girds to combine them as temporary. Finally suggest you before the task you must pay more attention to it.

Which hand to wear silver bracelet for good luck?


Which hand to wear silver bracelet for good luck? We are ready to explain this by using various categories with this article. We all have there are several types of jewelries. Among them silver bracelets have a popular place. Silver has malleable quality to its longevity of life. And they are stunning luster. In addition of these qualities silver has some haling talent and it can bring more positivity into wearer life. As well as it has spiritual meanings according to the cultural opinions. This also be a reason for these are increasing popular among the other jewelries. According to the methods we can note here the direct answer for the above question. However, we hope to explain it in briefly with this article. We are inviting you to read this continually.

Which hand to wear silver bracelet for good luck? Direct answer and reasons for it

Which hand to wear silver bracelet for good luck? Left hand because it can promote positivity. But sometimes this may not be suitable for all the people. We think it is requiring you believes. When you are curious about the spiritual meanings this will affect correctly. As well as according to these opinions the left side of human’s body is associated with your internal self in the spiritual world. In that case if you are wearing a sterling silver ring on your left wrist it will give positive energy from the environment for you. It is a good sign all the wearers. Not only that silver bracelets cab carries the energies from the moon. It will increase during the new moons and full moons at night. Because of that reason some cultures are recommended to wear silver bracelets on your left wrist.

What is the opinion according to the silver rings on your left hand? It can help heal your chakras and restore balance internally also externally even. Because of that reason you can get more strength while wearing silver bracelet on your left wrist every day. As well as we can see there are assorted designs from the silver bracelets. So, we can select our desire design as a bracelet. Not only for women but also men can wear silver bracelets on their hand. It will be suitable for all the occasions when you select the best and suitable one. In addition of these it will give more health benefits. It is considering as a pain-relieving method. We can use silver to kill bacteria. Then it will prevent the infections also. It also keeps our blood vessels elastic and the formation of bones and skin.

How do silver bracelets improve your health?

According to the above details you will understand the silver bracelets and its wearing hand. So, when you are wearing your silver bracelet on your left wrist in the above, we mentioned that it will give more health benefits for you. So, do we give some hints that how silver bracelets can improve your health? As a first thing we found that it has powerful antimicrobial properties, and it can destroy all the bacteria or any other certain virus. This will help to fight with infection, aiding in cold and flu prevention. On the other hand, it is aiding with cancer and arthritis. Because of this healing process silver also use in wound dressing, lotions, and medical equipment. From that the people are wishing to prevent harmful infections. Furthermore, we can note here as a health benefit of silver bracelets is, it helps with internal heat circulation.

Silver is balancing our moods and increasing energy levels. Therefore, most research are accepted to wear silver bracelet on the hand. Its turning point is wearing it on the left wrist to receive the good luck. Not only that but also it can be used for sterilization. With this quality it could fend off virus and keeping you away from harmful and bad sickness. In the present society silver is using as an antibacterial agent for all the health situations. As an example, silver is used to the treatment of water and as in nutritional supplements. However, the most important thing is, silver can boost the immune system. Usually, human body has a certain amount of silver percentage. But sometimes it will not enough to the body. Therefore, we can wear silver and then it will support to strong our immune system to fight with infections.

Can you wear silver bracelet on both wrists?

While considering the good luck of wearing silver bracelets we can mention additional thing here. Sometimes we see the people are wearing silver bracelets on their both wrists. They will not sometimes believe the spiritual meaning of the silver. Thereof they are thinking only the style of their silver bracelets. Then they mix up diverse types of bracelets and they mix up smaller size of bracelets. They are always trying to balance their outfit while considering the colors and shapes of the theme of their outfit. In those situations, they do not care about the benefits of silver bracelets. As well as when someone is a right-handed person, he or she is trying to wear bracelet on the left hand. But when they are left-handed persons, they always try to wear bracelet on the right hand. The reason foe it is, their comfortable skill for the working times.

Which hand to wear silver bracelet for good luck? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing more details around the question on “Which hand to wear silver bracelet for good luck?” So, we think now you will have a better awareness about this process. Finally, we can suggest you try these methods and try to wear your silver bracelet on your left hand. Then you can the satisfactory results by yourself also. As well as if some bracelet is giving more health and mental benefits for us, we should try it because we all need health and happy life. So, we think silver bracelets will help us always.

How to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing?


We will show you that “How to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing?” We can see there are several types of jewelries around the world those who are wearing for increase their appearance and get other’s attraction. Both men and women can wear them. As well as they are creating with several types of materials according to the distinct types and shapes. Among them necklace have a top place. But when you wear your necklace always you will have the above question also. How to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing? There are several solutions we can give here, and you can follow them and solve this situation. So, we are inviting you to read this article continually. Those will be an easy tip for all the fashion lovers.

How to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing?

As a first thing we note here, mix long and short necklaces because when you wear different lengths of necklaces it will help to decrease tangle. As well as we suggest you wear necklaces of different weights. This theory also same with the length of necklaces also. You can select a thick necklace with a heavy one. Then they will make a balance. Those different weights will ensure them in place and will not intertwine with other one. As well as you can mix the materials of necklaces. This also an easy task. Not only it avoids tangle but also it will help to increase your appearance. With those methods you can buy a necklace spacer because it is the easiest way to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing. Try to bye a necklace detangler. Then it will allow you to wear up to four at once.

How does the necklace detangle work? In the above methods we said about the necklace detangler. It is a better way to keep necklace without tangling. This is made with two components those are in the side each other. From the one among them you can add rings for to attach your necklace onto. And the other side of detangler has spring clasps. It is clasping onto the other end of your necklace. So, the process here is clasped your necklaces onto the detangler, slide it open, put it on and next slide it closed. Then you will understand this is an effortless process. However, while buying this one, you can get more advices from the seller. Before using the detangler we think it will very importantly be having good awareness towards the process because when you followed incorrect method it will damage your necklaces.

Is necklace detangler good for avoid detangling necklaces while wearing?

Among the above methods we said you necklace detangler is the best way to keep your necklace without tangling. So, when you wish to buy a necklace detangler we can give some ideas about them. Usually, necklace detangler has both advantages and disadvantages. Here you can keep all your necklaces together in one spot. Because of that you do not have constantly turn your clasps to the back. It will give comfortable feeling to your neck. As well as other important thing is here, you can remove all the necklaces at one time because they are connecting each other through the necklaces detangler. While putting on them also you will feel easy task. Another thing is you can live in the detangler. Most detangler are made with 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Therefore, they are not getting wet while wearing. It is a good feature of them.

However, we can see there are some disadvantages also with the necklace detanglers. What are them? Sometimes your necklace detangle will fall to the in front of your neck. This will give you bad appearance. As well as it will give discomfort feeling. Usually this will happen when you are moving your neck. But this also have an option to avoid it. When you can wear heavy necklaces, you can counteract it. in addition of these cons we can identify that, necklace detangler is little heavy. Therefore, it will be pulled up your shorter and thicker necklaces while wearing. Then your neckless will show as short necklaces. But you can decrease this situation by choosing a small necklace detangler. However, we suggest you keep more attention with above all the details and instructions.

How can link necklaces together to avoid tangle?

How to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing? If you cannot wait for a necklace tangler you can go another option that link the necklaces. How to do that? Here you should link the clasps of one necklace with other clasps. But remember that, this method is not working always. When you have a necklace with a cram appearance you can try this easily. The is also acting the same thing with necklace detangler. As well as here you can buy single jewelry items. Then they will give the look of layered necklaces. We suggest you try this method yourself. Then you do not worry about this situation.

How to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing the most important question on “How to keep necklaces from tangling when wearing?” So, we think this article will help you much. Not only wearing but also while storing you must pay attention to keep them without tangling. Here you do not give chance to crossover themselves or any other jewelry because it is the main reason for tangle while storing your necklace. You also can select the jewelry box to put your necklaces. In addition of these details we suggest you when you go to sleep it will usefully remove your necklaces because while sleeping the risk is increasing. And while bathing also you can remove them to protect your necklace without fading. Not only necklaces but also all the jewelry will be happy with these protection tips. Finally, we think your awareness is the good method for protect accessories.

Why engraved rings are so expensive?


We are here to discuss that “Why engraved rings are so expensive?” We have a developed fashion industry. In this we can see there are so many techniques of jewelry designs. Among those engraving has a top place. This technique is coming since the pastime. It has a step-by-step process, and the artist are used the proper tools and methods. Sometimes those tools are so expensive because their thicken level and their sharpness skill. Among the other things those tools have more confident to engrave smoothly. This process actually needs accurate equipment. As well as we can identify this process is an arduous task. Therefore, when a ring engraved, they can sell it within prohibitive cost. Not only the designs but also according to the materials of rings are a reason for increase their cost.

Why engraved rings are so expensive? More reasons

According to the above simple explanation we think that now you will have a basic idea about the question on “Why engraved rings are so expensive?” In ancient time our people were engraved their jewelry by their hand. But it was a challenging task. Today also we can see there are some jewelry artists are using hand. However, the developing technical society is introduced there are several types of tools which are helped to this task easily and successfully. Because of that reason the most people are used those tools for their comfortable. Furthermore, this art is a physical process. It is not using a chemical thing. Therefore, it requires more human labor and sharp tools to cut lines directly into a surface. That is the main point for increase the cost of engraved rings. As well as this process is requiring some enough time to finish the design.

In addition of those details this process have another reason which is required more cost. What is this? Usually, customers are trying to engrave a design with their personal ideas. They want to add a delicate touch to their rings, necklaces, bangles, or any other jewelries. Not only jewelries but also other tools also will engrave such as keys, photo frames, pens, award or trophy, stamps, and others. So today we can see this process is becoming as a process of earning money as a job. When customers required to add a personal value and design for their rings, they are typically inclined to pay more money for that. With these results and reason, they need more money to as the cost of rings. So, the individual laser engraving can be calculated and process according to the price per product achievable in the fashion market.

What are the cost range of engraved?

While considering the reason for expensive cost of engraved rings we think it will be important note here the average cost range of engraving process. This is depending on one word, letter, or initials. So, when you wish to engrave a design, it will be $3 to $12 cost. As well as when you want to engrave a single line logo you must spend $6 of cost. Furthermore, this technique has a color filling ability. When you wish to fill color engraving Galva oxide you should spend also $6 of cost. But this cost is changed with the engraved logo. So, color fill engraved logo is requiring a $9 cost. With these levels we think you will manage your cost to engrave the ring.

What are the expensive rings engraving ideas?

Why engraved rings are so expensive? Now you will have a good awareness on this question. further awareness we can mention here some of the designs those can use for your ring ideas. Today the most people are used engraving rings as their wedding rings also. Usually, weddings rings are more personal things. Therefore, you must pay more cost for that. Here you can design your partner’s initials or your new last name. as well as some people are designing their special days such as wedding day, birthday, engagement day also. When you wish to give this ring as a gift you can engrave their personal name, nickname, or any other special thing. When you wish to be romantic with it you can design few words such as I love you, love, I do, forever, my love, eternity, always or true love.

What should we consider before engraving the rings?

Most of the engraving ideas are so expensive. Therefore, we must consider the engraving process before going. As well as it will be especially important to design your ring without any mistake. Then it will not waste your money. The first thing is the width of ring. Here your ring should keep enough thick because engraver will have much space to put text or design that you want. It is the best way to design your desire text successfully. The best width is 5 to 7mm. and here you must have realistic engrave ideas. And before going to the process make sure that the rings is well fitted you. When your ring turns out to be too big or too small it is not a realized one.

Why engraved rings are so expensive? Bottom line

Here we are discussing from this article the important question on “Why engraved rings are so expensive?” So, we think now you will have more ideas. Finally, we suggest you that if you do some mistakes while engraving process it needs to be buffed out before you going to the resizing it. in that case you must surely pay double price for the same things. As well as when you must face this situation, you cannot get your desire engrave because some metal will remove the quality from the jewelry. However engraved rings are the most valuable and beautiful process among the jewelries. So, we suggest you try this. But sometimes it will be so expensive process because engraved rings make sure their unique designs always. Hence this article will help you about the cost of engraved rings.

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter?


We will show you “How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter?” this will be a good place for all the fashion lovers. We can see there are distinct types of jewelries. Those are using variety of materials also. Those all are separately with each other. Among the materials of jewelry, gold has a main place because they are durable and strong. Rings, necklaces, chains, bangles, earrings, and any other accessories we can see from gold metals. These will be more cost than other metals sometimes. Gold has brightness and it makes valuable appearance because it is rare. When it mixes with golden yellow tint it is increasing the beauty. As well as it can be formed into many different shapes and can be used to make delicate items. Those all are strong heavy items.

According to the above details you can understand the value of gold. But with these points we can hear about the fake gold jewelries. Some people are trying to sell many substitutes metals as gold. Those will be seeing like gold. But the value and durable may be less than pure gold. This is the widespread problem that fashion lovers have. Therefore, we must have a responsibility to solve this problem. We can see there are diverse types of tests for test gold. Among the lighter test is famous method. And it is overwhelmingly effective. So, in follow we mention there are valuable and main details with this process. Read out it to determine the question on “How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter?”

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? What is the right lighter?

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? With this process we must have chosen the right kind of lighter. Here you must choose a lighter that can produce a tall, constant flame one. Here the high is important. But when you do not have like this one you can use an ordinary disposable lighter. We suggest you go for this option when you do not have a chance to get right lighter. As well as you may have a butane lighter. What should you consider here? You must make sure that the butane lighter has full fuel. As well as make sure that it uses lighter fluid and not any other kind of gas. When you solve those question, you are ready to go for the process.

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? Method

According to the above paragraph you will select the best lighter. So now you can check if gold is real with your chosen lighter. Now you take your gold chain. Then you must hang the gold chain on an object that is not flammable. Here you have a huge responsibility to select hanging things. You can select something that will not melt or burn also. You can select it even around your home. Because of that reason it will be an easy task but keep your attention well. When you fail to get like this thing, we suggest you can have someone hold the chain with a pair of pliers. Here you can cover the end of plier using tape.

How to apply the flame to your chain?

After the above step you are now staying second step. When you hang over your chain hold the flame of your lighter on the chain. Here you must wait for about sixty seconds. Please give them enough time for getting satisfactory results. Then you must check that is your chain changed the color. This is the point that you must understand and identify well. So, hoe to identify pure gold here? When gold chain darkens it is a not pure gold. But when your chain was not got darken it has pure gold. It will actually get brighter as you apply the flame. Not only fake gold but also brass, iron or copper will darken and change the color with this process. Then what do we see with gold plated chain? It shows the gold melting. And the underneath metals we can see when it exposed.

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? According to the above method what we can understand about the gold? Usually, pure gold has valuable quality. With them pure gold will not change the darker shade. This is the basic quality of pure gold. As well as it is even brightened with the heat also. So, we cannot burn pure gold with chain. This is the point that helps to success our test. So, you must understand that who jewelry is made. With the developing fashion industry, we can there are a lot of fake jewelries. We cannot guest whether they are pure or not by measuring outside appearance. So, this will be an effective way to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter.

How to tell if gold chain is real with a lighter? Bottom line

With this article we discussed more details around the valuable point with your jewelries. So, we think you can get good awareness here. However finally we note here not only lighter test but also, we can check pure gold using other tests such as smell test and magnet test. Among them smell test is most match with small gold pieces. In this situation we can check the real gold by comparing the smell. Real gold does not have distinct metallic odor. But when your jewelry with brass, copper, zinc, or any other metals mixed with sweat they will produce this odor. You can easily identify your real gold chain. However according to the magnet test you must need a rare earth magnet. Your chain keeps around it, pure chain does not attract to the magnet. However, we suggest you go for a lighter test because it is giving correct results.