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How much is my tungsten ring worth? Simply explain


In this article I will show you “how much is my tungsten ring worth?” Before find the tips I would like to define “what are these tungsten rings?” These rings are made with chemical compound tungsten and carbon atoms. This process starts with powder and then powder will press together until the desired shape. Among the various types of rings these tungsten rings have top place of popular list because of the hardness. When we are comparing this with other metals it has the highest melting point also it is the heaviest metal which is using in jewelry. This metal has the quality the hardest and most scratch resistant metal. However, we can see this tungsten rings popular place in America as a wedding ring.

However, tungsten rings are popular, but they have very limited market when it comes to design. Both men and women can wear this ring with shiny designs. This has not a very pliable metal. Also, it is difficult to work with. Most of the people are believing that rings can’t be removed during an emergency because its hardness. But you can’t stay this ring forever because when it has good blow it will cause shuttering and crack tungsten jewelry. When we are finding the more details about the tungsten rings, we found this ring has become one of the most popular metals for wedding bands. This is also the affordable choice with the modern fashion society. You also can select this ring as your all the activities. Then I would like to find the things that “how much my tungsten ring worth?”

How much is my tungsten ring worth? Value of this

How much is my tungsten ring worth? Here I can say this ring is not as valuable as other metals such as gold or silver. Most of the jewelry owners said that this is the cheapest choice with others they have. The people who are going to use the rings will determine their worth. Therefore, they are reluctant to use it even at their weddings. But sometimes the people are using this tungsten rings on a daily. But when we are finding the value of this ring it will be a hard task because tungsten metal sell at a board range of prices. It may be $25 or over it. Sometimes it sells a kilo of tungsten at around $100 to $300.  But the finish products of the tungsten may be different as little bit with this.

Furthermore, when we are considering the value of tungsten ring you should pay as little as $5 for the wholesale price. But when you buy it with retail price it will little more than wholesale price. However, we can say that is not one of the most valuable jewelries in the shops. As well as here we can show there are some differences between tungsten and tungsten carbide. It is the carbide one is an alloy. But most of the fashion industries mostly used in this because the quality of more durable and since it is not brittle. We can’t say that the permanent price will be very based on several facts. However, it will be from $15 to $700. If you want to wear a ring in daily, you can select the tungsten ring for it because its are the cheaper rings.

Why should you buy these tungsten rings?

In the above I explained the “how much is tungsten ring worth?” Now I think that you have some idea about that. Then I get some reasons that “what are the reasons for buy these rings?” The main reason for that is tungsten affordability. So, it will very easy on your wallet and you can wear it even daily because the quality if cheap.  And I can say that tungsten has an ability of durability. This is the most scratch resistant because it is the hardest metal. It can’t be scratched by another abject as this metal is harder than other metals. You can buy this ring with considering its luster. These rings have an ability to highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. IT will not change the colour in over time.

In addition, these advantages you can buy this ring with several popular colours. Usually, the most people who are looking to wear gray colour of tungsten rig. Therefore, the gray colour one is more popular than others. People believe that when they wear it, they make handsome and unique level. And if you wear white colour of tungsten ring it will appearance to platinum and white gold metals. However, this can give a modern and stylish look to your wedding band also. If you wish to wear different look of ring with non conventional look you can select the black tungsten ring. And there are more options of tungsten ring plated colours such as yellow and rose gold. But with these advantages we can see some disadvantages such as it is not valuable, it will give allergies, it is liquidity and limited choices.

How much is my tungsten ring worth? Conclusion

With the above details I think that you can get more details about tungsten ring. Among the fashion industry there are large market available with various accessories. As a conclusion we can note here tungsten has not the more valuable quality than gold or silver. These are not breakage easily and they have the quality of durability. If you are wishing to purchase the high quality of tungsten ring, I can give some recommended places which are the best. They are Blue Nile, James Allen, and Esty in excellent source. When you buy these products, you can see the alternative metals with those. In today this ring has designs with competitive prices because this is handmade and unique in style. However, you can decide the value of this ring while considering the details with this article. So, I think this will be the best one in your daily activities.

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What if I buy the wrong size engagement ring?


With this article we are trying to find the tips that “what if I buy the wrong size engagement ring?” This is the most frequent problem among the boys who are wishing to engage with girl. Here you have a challenging task to select the best perfect ring to her. But here you will not select the suitable size of engagement ring. But if you are going together, you will have a chance to end up with the wrong size. However, if you go to find yourself in this situation it will be slightly difficult. Here we can give you some details for your awareness while selecting the engagement ring. We think that it is trendy way to ask her relations such as mother, sister, or a close friend about her ring size. This will be a safe situation to you.

The above method will not correct always because there is chance to get incorrect information with them. Then you can go with another method which is sneak your ring out of your partner’s jewelry box. Already when your partner has extra rings, they will be help to conclusion the size of the ring. However, the ring size is particularly important to measure before buying it. But if you do not measure the correct size, you should either need a resize it or you must replace it entirely. But these both options may be costly. The cost will depend on the size and shape with the ring. Here the engagement ring and wedding rings may be especially with an engagement and wedding ring. So, we must pay attention for this and avoid those problems.

What if I buy the wrong size of engagement ring? Methods for this

What if I buy the wrong size of engagement ring? Here we will give you some methods to solve this problem. Here you can get help from trusted jeweler to manage the ring size with your finger size. Most of the jeweler have some experiences that “how to be resizing engagement rings to make them both large and small one?” But this process will be more expensive. Here they have added of materials and the complexity of the procedure. So, your awareness is better than your guess in here. And you should know that it is easier to resize a ring of too large than the ring of too small. But you must think that resizing a ring is not always be a possibility for you. Also, that will have a lot of intricate detailing on them.

Then we will show you “what happen if you size too small ring?” With this situation the ring should be tricky. Then you can resize and add extra materials to increase the size to the bottom of the ring. It will not difficult, but some have more intricate styles and designs. So, it will be troublesome process. As well as this method will be ideal when you only need it a half and quarter size large. What if I buy the wrong size of engagement ring? When it too small you can do this. Then what you can do when it is too large? This will be some painless process because jeweler should remove apiece of the ring and then reconnect the ends. But if your ring has stones or detailing all around the bond. Another way is you can ass sizing beads to the ring keep it sung.

What should you keep in mind while resizing your engagement ring?

Here we will be expecting to give you some details which are you should keep in mind if you are going to resize your ring. The first thing is you should remember that some rings are easier to resize than others such as yellow gold rings. You must pay only less cost resize this than other metals. The reason for that’s its softer quality and it should require soldering and re polishing. But if you are going to resize white gold rings it may be some complicate. Also, so expensive because it has a layer of rhodium plating on the surface. And another expensive process is resizing the platinum rings. You want to distinct set of tools here. You should pay attention that some rings are especially difficult to resize such as rings with pave stones. When resizing this it needs a great skill and keep all the gems aligned.

As well as some material should have to remove. In this process some delicate gemstone will be vulnerable to the heat used while resizing. If the rose gold has many different shades, it will difficult, and they find the exact colour that matches your engagement ring. Furthermore, some rings are impossible to resize. There are too strong materials available such as stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium. Then they are not sure of the ring size. When you are considering these things, you can get some idea about this process. When your engagement ring large or small you should resize it with the correct size of your finger.

What if I buy the wrong size of engagement ring? Bottom line.

In the above we discussed the more details about “what if I buy the wrong size of engagement ring?” As a conclusion we can say that your rings usually can make the proper adjustment. But some will be hard adjustment because its status of hard or soft quality. As well as it will takes a day or two to or it will make even two weeks to resize process. But you must remember that this will be dependent on the hoe complex the ring is. When your ring is not fit with your finger it will be uncomforted one. Here the best method will be placing a sizing assistant in the ring to keep in place. In addition, these with the above details you can get some knowledge for adjust your wrong size of engagement ring. So, we think this article will help you.

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How to wear multiple charms on a necklace?


We will show you “how to wear multiple charms on a necklace?” First of all, we suggest that give you some secret ideas to choose your necklace according to your appearance. Necklace is an eye-catching jewelry among other accessories. We all are looking for dress those while going any occasions. But here you must have some method to wear those because some styles will not match with your appearance. When you wear a neckless with pendant it also should have same method. The first thing you must consider your body type. It will be including your high. Usually, you are in average high and tall all the variety of different neckless will help to you. When you wear a long pendant, it will go below your collar bone.

Furthermore, you must evaluate your face type. If you have a round, oval, or heart shaped face many of different styles will go better. In addition, you can select long pendent when you have round pendant because it can give you perfect charm look to you. And also, rounder face goes with shorter chains and lighter pendants because these can give you benefits. But don’t worry with wearing all the types of necklaces and pendants while you have oval shaped of face because these are well matched to you. Before selecting your necklace, you should look at your neck because according to your neck the appearance of neckless also will change. However, in today we have different types and different materials of necklace. Among those we would like to talk about multiple charms of necklaces. So, you can get some idea with those.

How to wear multiple charms on a necklace? Easy methods

How to wear multiple charms on a necklace? When you are wishing to wear multiple charms on a necklace you should start with a plan and compliment your wardrobe. Here you should have a plan to match your accessories with your outfits. You can create your jewelries with unique ways to you. So, you’re all the outfit are not approving all the types of necklaces. You should have an idea before wearing those. As an example, when you wear a busy ruffled blouse, you must select a simple charm of necklace And you can select multiple charms necklace with a solid colour top also deep V neckline. Another way is highlighting your assets by drawing the eye. You can do experiment with various types of cloths and jewelries. Then you can find what are the best combination with charm neckless and clothes.

How to clean a Cuban link chain?

In addition, you must consider your activity and how the jewelry moves because it will help to decide the best combination between necklace and occasions. We can suggest as an example you can go with superfine graduated chains for office wear or a top. You can pick varying layering necklace lengths and styles because it will be a foundation with your texture. You can check this by considering chain weight, colours, and style. And you can mix metals with fabric, yarn, beads, leather, or shells to the ultimate boho look. Then you can mix and match the materials with boho touch. In here we are explaining the tips to wear multiple charms on a necklace. Then you can follow these methods and do experiment lo make attractive look with your occasions.

What are the multiple charms of necklace collections?

Here we discussed that “how to wear multiple charms of necklace?” While you are finding for a new necklace you should think of your start point. Most of the multi charm necklace for women lucky pendants ball chain. Here we can say these are handmade styles and every piece of this put together with care and though. When they combined you can get final result as a very beautiful multi charm necklace. You can be proud with this final result. We can recommend here if you buy handmade types, you can feel immediately special. These are using alone or layering with other necklaces. Then it will be the perfect accessory to any occasions. And you can buy Bezel CZ charm choker with materials of gold or silver. It is simple and cute one. This is an eye-catching style which suitable for any outfit.

We can mention multicolor necklace with charms of gold or silver. This has a parade of 24 shiny and colourful circle stones. As well as if you want to metallic floral stations on a slender chain you can buy multi flower chain neckless. It is with gold or silver. Another one is CZ moon and star necklace. This has an ability to give minimalist look or layer with other necklaces for a chic and elegant appearance. This also an eye catching crafted and dainty necklace. Triple CZ heart necklace also give you classic gift with your occasions. This can reveal brilliant shine and a meticulous cut. You also can wear these types of multi chain necklace within suitable occasions. This collection will help to for this, and you should give more attention while wearing all the fashion accessories because it must be match with your texture also outfit.


Multiple charms of necklace have an ability to act as an eye-catching centerpiece which are layering subtle necklaces. When you go with this fashion it will the best outfit to you for get attraction from the crowd. And you can choose one or two longer pendants and it will layer the multi charm necklace. When you are choosing the multiple charms on a necklace you make sure to remember that always select charms that go with your clothing. When you are mixing and matching different charms, you can select different pieces. You can select these styles according to your personal style. But you should some knowledge to how to layer them correctly. This article will help you to solve those questions. Always be happy with developing fashion society.

How to clean a Cuban link chain? Simply explain

We are trying to show you “how to clean a Cuban link chain?” First, we explain what the Cuban link chain is? This is a variation of the standard cable link chain. And this has a feature of oval links that intersect in a rope pattern. This may be a traditional look and the links twist into a cable like design. This Cuban link chain is using all types of styles because it has a perfect look. This is creating with classic styles, but it may be matched with modern edge. This Cuban link chain was coming in 1970 as a variation on the hip hop style. This name came with Latin inspired, and it was popular as a Cuban enclave of Miami. However, over the time this is popular in all around the world.

Among the developing fashion industry, the jewelry has a top place because both men and women also all ages of persons are looking to do forward with fashion styles. They are like to get other’s attraction among the large crowd. While considering about this we can identify this Cuban link chain has been famous in today. This price will be dependent on the size, length, and materials of it. This has a different style such as Figaro, Miami, and curb chain. You can select the best style to you, and you can wear it with comfortably. This Cuban link chain has a popular trend among the urban fashion, and they are here to stay. Then if you also have this type of jewelry, you may have the question of “how to clean a Cuban link chain?” while using this.

How to clean a Cuban link chain? Easy methods

If you have a Cuban link chain, we can give some recommendations and cleaning methods to maintain your chain. How to clean a Cuban link chain? This chain is some expensive which is depending on the materials of it. Therefore, you should have a responsibility to clean and protect it. Here you must avoid from using a brush to direct wash when it is cleaning because it will cause to stone inlay. And it will cause to easily fall off stones. You can use some warm water and add some mild detergent it and next you should put chain into it. Then when you are waiting ten minutes. Then you can brush it using soft brush. But here you must pay attention to rinse water after brushing the gaps. As well as you don’t directly flush against the faucet.

In addition, we can say here if you are a newer to clean and wash your Cuban link chain you pay attention to don’t dump the wastewater from the Cuban chain directly. You must drain it very slowly. In this step you should pay attention that stones or metals deposits at the bottom of the basin. With this you can check that stones embedded in the Cuban chain. And here you can see if some of the claws which are damaged with your fingers or other thing. When it damaged, you can return to the factory or jewelry store. Not only that you also go with daily maintenance of this chain. Here it is the most important that two colour Cuban chain and tri colour Cuban chain will not fade easily.

What are the tips to keep Cuban chain as a pristine?

In addition, the above methods here we can note that what are the other methods to keep your Cuban link chain as a pristine. You can see this among the men’s jewelry sets. The most popular gems are platinum, silver, and gold. Among this gold are not fade their colour with other obstacles. However, you should pay attention to keep those with proper care. You can get best results with keep in a desirable environment. As well as you should keep it in the suitable place because it will become rigid or tight. Here you can add drop of an olive oil on the stiff places of this. Don’t wash your chain with water and you can make sure the water is not dirty or waste and it should not have any chemicals.

When we’re defining treatments of this chains, we can say the vodka treatment is more important. It will be a quite and simple method to do. When you keep it for 12 hours you can get chain with impressive look. But if it’s dirtier, you should keep still for more hours and brush it with soft tool. Furthermore, an ultrasonic cleaner also has the best ability to polish your Cuban link chain. In addition, these methods you can have a question of “how often should I clean it?” According to the recommendation of stylist you must polish it after a few weeks. It means once every two or three weeks. So finally, we can say that you don’t use harsh cleaning agent. You must buy special polishing clothes. And please use only soft bristles with brush. However, you don’t go polish those without any awareness and don’t take risk.

How to clean a Cuban link chain? Conclusion

We discussed that “how to clean a Cuban link chain? In the above lines we mentioned the easy tips to clean it without any damages or fade. So, you should be careful with also maintaining these Cuban chains. You must keep your chain in the dry places. And after you wear it, you must take off it before going to the bed. You can place it in a sealed jewelry box. Then you can protect it long time. As well as you can wear off these chains while showering. It may be helping to stay it without any colour changes or fades. We think when you pay attention with these details you can get advantages with this. This article also will help your awareness. You can find out more about this and share those with your friends.

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Can you wear string bracelets in the shower?


From this article we are trying to explain the question of “can you wear string bracelets in the shower?” First, we would like to identify what the string bracelets are. String bracelets also known as friendship bracelets. Usually these were made with embroidery floss or thread and are a type of macrame. There are various types of string bracelets available in the fashion shops today. But these are based on the same simple half hitch knot. These have the strongest threads which are everlasting. And these are very smooth with strands cotton of shine. As well as these are creating with various colours and designs. Also, string bracelets are including neon and metallics.  You can wear string bracelets without age limits and anywhere.

According to the string DIY bracelets we can find there are various types such as embroidery floss, pearl cotton, craft thread, yarn, crochet thread, sewing thread, elastic cords, and crystal string. String bracelets are coming since past but today its have many differences and more creative ideas. These string friendship bracelets firstly popular in United State in 1970. But they are popular in all around the world today. These bracelets given by one person to another person as a symbol of friend. And these are often handmade, and this thickness may be dependent on their number of strings and types of materials. However, both men and women can use these bracelets as a fashion accessory with journeys. With these details you can get some idea about the string bracelets. Now we find out that “can you wear string bracelets in the shower?”

Can you wear string bracelets in the shower?

We are trying to define that using customer’s comments. According to there experience they don’t take off their string bracelets before taking a shower, swim, or other places. They explain their string bracelets get a tad scruffy over the years because the water can fade their colour while using long time, but hey believe that these may be clean after wearing because these have threads and its will dirty with dust. While taking shower they can clean its well and keep clean. But you should pay attention here to run your bracelet underwater after finishing them because the water solidifies the knots. But they said further when you are wearing it while get wet you may be uncomfortable. Therefore, when your string bracelet get wet you should dry it before wear.

In addition, the above experiences some are saying that when you wear its with shower it will degrade the string and eventually, they will fall off. Not only that it also starts to stink and get nasty looking like the fibers deteriorate. Therefore, some are don’t like to wash their string bracelet. When they get wet, they will get a little bit looser or little bit tighter because they get wet and after dry. Both advantages also disadvantage available when it gets wet. But we can suggest that you can clean with wash after it dusty and unclean. You can do that not daily because it may be reason to fade colour and shiny look of string bracelet. However, you can keep your bracelet everything as its first wear.

How to keep your string bracelet clean?

Among the fashion accessories string bracelets are famous juwellary which is the most famous with young peoples. While creating these we use yarns, embroidery floss or cotton threads. They made from knotted, braided, or woven strands. You should keep attention while cleaning the string bracelet because their delicate nature. Here machine washing is not suitable. Therefore, you should find more gentle clean process to do this task. Some methods are supplied from the supermarkets or discount store for that. Then you have an ability to try those things to clean your string bracelet without any colour fading or damages. Also, we can note here some tips. You can get a bowl with lukewarm tap water, and it should mix a teaspoon of gentle soap until it is dissolved. After that you can put bracelet in the water bowl and wait for one minute.

After that steps you should rub bracelet while it in the water. Then you can tough stain with this step. Then you can remove it in the bowl and next rinse under a tap to clean any remaining detergent solution. But if you don’t like to soak it you can use a tea towel and lay the bracelet on it. And you can rub the problem are of string bracelet using a cotton swab which is dipping in the detergent solution. After dip this you must swab in water with other end of cotton and dab the area again. Here you should have to repeat this task until the stain in the string bracelet is removed. We think that this process will be help you while cleaning your bracelet. Can you wear a string bracelet in the shower? You can also do it, but it will not very suitable.

Can you wear string bracelets in the shower? Bottom line

With this article we discussed more details about your string bracelet and around it. We think these details will be very useful to you to keep your string bracelet clean. Also, you can get idea to fade the colour of the bracelet. String bracelets are very valuable accessory because its are handmade creations. It is like a macrame and most of the people are wishing to wear those. They further believe that these string bracelets are a nostalgic craft. Therefore, these never go out of fashion style. Since the first bracelet today we all are looking at these because its fantastic and eye-catching look. When you learn the method of processing this you also try to make like this one. We can watch the steps of creating these bracelets even via internet or You Tube also. As well as this article also will help you more.

How to polish a dull turquoise stone? Simply explain


We will show you that “how to polish a dull turquoise stone?” We would like to define here “what are the dull turquoise stones?” This stone is an opaque coloured stone. This can be market both as a gem for jewellary. These are founding only dry and barren regions on earth. And also, it can find on copper rich groundwater seeps downward and reacts with minerals that contain phosphorus and aluminum. This can be the traditional birthstone. This has a sky blue colour of a medium tone. But saturation gemstone comes in various intensities of blue and greenish blue. This unique colour gemstone has been Iran’s national gemstone and also strongly associated with Native American jewellery. While considering this we can understand this stone is the most valuable one.

The process of finding high grade turquoise is a hard task. After collecting rough stones, they will grind them. Next prepping the epoxy backing and adding prepping stone to slab baking. It is possible to ensure the value of the stone stays intact. After that should trim out the stone and trimming off extra backing. In here use a thinner blade to trim off. Next the stones should pre-formed and cleaning the backing. Another step will apply the dop sticks. This is for easier handling during the rest of the process. After removing scratches from the stone and sanding the stone they will use a finer cutting wheel. Then stone beginning to look polished and finally cutting wheel and hand scrubbing the stones. After a last washing the stone will be ready for inspection. This process gives you a valuable stone and now we pay attention our main topic.

How to polish a dull turquoise stone? The best ways

In here we can pay attention that “how to polish your dull turquoise stone?” There are some tips available give positive result at home in this process. The first one is you can make a baking soda bath. You must mix a tablespoon of soda into quart of hot water and place your turquoise stone for it about half an hour. Next you should buff them gently using dry cloth. This method may be very easy to us. And other method is using a soft bristled toothbrush in clean water. In this process you must pay attention that don’t add any housework products to the water and because chemicals can harm the gem. When you use simple water and toothpaste to this you can polish a dull turquoise stone.

Another method which can mention here is use a silver polish. Sometimes you should want to clean your sterling silver rings. But most of the cleaners can harm your turquoise. Here the tip is using a light polishing which can find you easily any department store. We can recommend the silver ring polish cloth for free with every purchase. As well as you can use lemon and olive oil. when mixed lemon and olive oil it can ability to remove excess and polish your sterling silver stone. But while checking these methods you should pay deep attention to do that without any harmful process. These will be easy tips to you because you can find the materials easily and you can even do at home. We think that you can get more valuable tips with this article to the question of “how to polish a dull turquoise stone?”

Why the turquoise stone dull?

We can identify the turquoise stones from a white to dark navy blue to lime green. But this turquoise can actually change and fade their colour. Then what are the reason for that? These stones are porous and absorptive precious stone. If this stone exposed to water, oil, and other chemicals it will soak like a sponge. This is a main reason for that. Turquoise was made with metals such as aluminum, copper or iron. Therefor it can change the colour as a result of oxidation with water and oil. When we are considering the colour changes we can see the blue turquoise that contains copper can change from a light blue to dark green. As iron it can change from green to darker green. Further effect of the aluminum is changing from light blue to darker blue and green.

In addition, the oil on our hand will affect to dull a turquoise stone. It will give similar affect water. When you are touching your turquoise stone with your fingers it will lead to the stone changing colour. Can you prevent this? Yes, you can treat of these stones using the process of stabilization. This has a different methods and levels, but their purpose is all the same to protect the natural colour and structure of the turquoise. In addition, this process of stabilization you can use the above methods to polish your dull turquoise stone. And while using these stone with juwellary you must pay attention to protect these because these are very valuable stones which are used our juwellaries. We think that the above methods will help to you to solve these troubles.


When are you using the turquoise stone, we have trouble that “how to polish a dull turquoise stone?” In here you should aware the hardness as well as toughness of turquoise stones. Turquoise has a rank 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. This toughness may be generally failed or good. What do you can say about this stability? These are usually stable to light. But when you are using high heat, it can cause to discoloration and damage. The reason for their damage will be the chemical, cosmetic and even skin oils or perspiration.  Because of that even while cleaning this you should pay attention this thing. The safe way may be use warm water with soap. But you don’t use steam or ultrasonic cleaners. Here your purpose will be treated to improve their surface appearance. But you must have some experience before these methods.

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Pass diamond tester? Simply explain


From this article we will show you about the “pass diamond tester”. Frist we would like to define that “What is the pass diamond tester?” Let’s pay attention now. This means a handheld pen tester that measures a gemstone’s thermal conductivity. It will be the process of a gem handles heat. In here it will be able a small metal point which when put on a gem surface. From this should measure how quickly heat travels through the stone. Do you know what is the reason for use diamond in here? The reason is because the diamond has super high conductivity. This diamond test will be a helpful tool as a part of multistage test. In here there is a disadvantage that should not be solely relied upon. In this proses why are you using pen? Because it will be a helpful way to separate out CZ from diamond.

While doing this it may be a beginning and end of their use because other gems have high conductivity such as moissanite. And it will be a cause that testers themselves notoriously malfunction. Can you pass the fake diamond pass the diamond tester? You can pass some diamond such as moissanite, a man-made gem because their very high thermal conductivity. Then what are not pass this? They are such as CZ. Because of those reasons you should pay attention here that is the most important to use multiple tests to confirm your stone. Within this test the diamond tester will wish to test only positive for diamond and moissanite. In here there is a question will you have that “is moissanite pass the diamond tester?” We can mention for that shortly “yes” as the answer.

Will moissanite pass diamond tester?

When you consider the above details, you can get an idea about the diamond tester? Now we are expecting to discuss that the “will moissanite pass diamond tester?” Frist we should identify “what are the moissanite stones?” These stones are the most like diamond in terms of their look and other key characteristics. while testing this will be very similar to diamond in that area because they only test heat conductivity. Therefore, moissanite often will be misidentified as a diamond. But some of the trained professionals can easily identify moissanite from a diamond with some common tool of trade. If you have trouble with this, you can do testing electrical conductivity because it will be more certain way to distinguish the two stones. As well as some multi testers also can measure this from this diamond tester.

While comparing the diamond and moissanite, moissanite is more sparkly and exhibits colorful fire. The reason for that is moissanite’s higher and double refractive index. However, the professionalism has an ability to usually be defined by its distinctive fire. So, we have to suggest that the value and unique level of moissanite. It has an ability to lasting beauty, extra sparkle, and attractive price tag.  If you are a diamond lover, you can use this moissanite as a diamond dupe. And also, with these details we are trying to tell you the value of those things and how to pass the diamond tester. Furthermore, we would like to talk say both diamond and moissanite can easily pass diamond tester. So now we show you what are the value and limitation of pass diamond tester.

What are the value and limitation of diamond tester?

In the above you can get some information about pass diamond tester. In addition, you should be a question of “what are the value and limitation of diamond tester?” Now we are showing these. The diamond test means that as a stranded gemological equipment. You can test thermal conductivity with your basic diamond test. In here you can distinguish diamonds and moissanite from other stones. Some testers can’t identify the small differences such as moissanite and diamond. There is a limitation of this with is it can not be used to tell the deference between natural or synthetic stone. You must specify the types of gems it can be detected and in here you don’t have an opportunity to determine if any given stone by you stone is real or fake. This will be given trouble to you.

And also, here if you have a stone which made diamond of another material other than a gemstone you can’t be detected by the diamond tester. Further discussing this your diamond should not cut or shaped to like a diamond while determining it. When you go to define your stone as a diamond you can identify its either diamond or moissanite. But after that you should use a subsequent test when your moissanite test indicate the stone is a moissanite. You should go with this when your tester giving positive result to moissanite. If you want to determine your stone with the diamond tester you must be agreed with these limitations. And you can be defined that the value of this task. These details will help to your awareness about the pass diamond tester.

Bottom line

From this article we discussed the pass diamond tester.  We can explain here as a conclusion with this tester, you can identify stones towards diamond. But moissanite are same as a diamond. Because of that it will give you same results of diamond. Then how do you test for diamond and moissanite. You can follow there are few options. The first thing is test for high thermal conductivity. Here the stone does not have high thermal conductivity it will not a diamond. You can check for a certificate inscription because most of the diamonds have microscopic engraving.  And also check for doubling.  If you wish to the crown facets of a diamond the bottom point will be crisp and single. The bottom point is called culet. So, you can pay attention about these factors with these. You can share these details among your friends too for their awareness.

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How to put on a cuff bracelet? Story of cuff bracelets


From this article we hope to discuss “how to put on a cuff bracelet?” In here we would like to show first the story of cuff bracelets. What are these? It is an open bracelet which wraps around your wrist.it has an inflexible circular shape and oval shape. It will be wider than simpler link bracelet and it will be chunkier. Also, it doesn’t have a clasp or closure. When designers are creating this cuff bracelet, they jewelers work on a fit that hugs the skin white proving elegance.it has a decorated part which is on the top of the wrist.it will look outside of the arm. In here its comfort is very important. Manufactures are trying to always give the most comfortable bracelet.

In addition, we can say that cuff bracelet gives us most benefits. These are made to slips over the wrist.it also a fashionable accessory. You can wear it with easy on and easy off.it has one time adjustability. Also, if you want to try various types with this you can buy it among the many different designs. As well as most of the people who are looking at those because it can give us more comfortable. According to the developing society we can see different styles and tools in the markets. Therefore, the people who hope to do experiment with those. Among them the cuff bracelet has a top place. You also can buy this with styles like minimal style, embellished style, rose gold style and stacked style. However, all these types are simplicity, and you can easily handle it.

How to put on a cuff bracelet? Easy tips to proper fit

This sung or loose cuff bracelet will give you a proper look. But you should wear it correctly. How to put on a cuff bracelet? Now we will show you this process. When you have a bracelet with settings of inlaid stones or fine stone in all the way around the cuff bracelet you can’t be adjusted it. Then what is the correct setting of here. It should have some stones with setting across the top. It will be sure to support this area with your hands before the start to wear it. You should warm it up on your hand to adjust the bracelet. The next step is you should be held it between your fingers and palm. After that you must hold the bracelet with the thumb and forefinger place. These steps are easy to you, and we think that you can understand it.

After above steps you must have an ability to apply gentle pressure which on the lower portion of shank only. In here you should pay attention that you don’t pressure on the canter of bracelet where the setting is. In this process there is an important thing that you should pay attention. It is you don’t repeat adjust or blend it. What’s the reason for that? These cuff bracelets usually made with silver or gold with soft metals.  Because of that you should adjust once for the best fit, so the bracelet has an ability to roll on easily with each time when you warn it. We think if you follow these steps while wearing your cuff bracelet you can easily wear it. Not only you should confirm the care of your cuff bracelet. However, from this you can be aware that “how to put on a cuff bracelet?”

How to care your cuff bracelet?

When you are reading above paragraphs you can get an idea to put on cuff bracelet. In addition, that we also keep in mind to care those. The main thing is you should keep this dry place with avoiding chemicals. We mean chemical here your hair spray, perfumes. soaps and other things because they are giving harmful affect to your cuff bracelets. When you are travel without wearing this you should use it baggies. You should one bag per one jewelry. It will be helping to prevent jewelry from scratching stones from getting chipped. And these are ideal to prevent tarnishing. Not only that wear it but also you should be aware how to be caring for your bracelet. You must give your attention all the jewelry which are helping to give pretty look to you.

As well as you should polish and clear your jewelry. what is the help to while clearing these to you? We can recommend sunshine cloth to use. When you are using any silver cleaners or creams it will give you bad effect. In here you can simply rub the silver or metal part of cuff bracelet. But don’t rub the stone setting. When you focus only metal side of this you can clean it easily without worrying. We should have per attention more here to the handmade jewelry. With the proper care make sure that you can use those jewelry in lifetime. You can follow the guidelines also who gives you while buying these jewelries. And also, we can use only this accordingly our sizes because it will be given us the most comfort while our journey.

Bottom line

In this article we discussed more details about the cuff bracelets. How to put on a cuff bracelet? As a conclusion we can mention here the simple way to wear cuff bracelets. First turn the cuff sideways. In here you can slide it on. After that you can turn your arm in to the bracelet. You should this the bracelet until it’s correctly positioned. If you want to hold it tighter you can put your whole hand in to your cuff bracelet. Then it will not slide off. This process is the easiest way to you. Therefor we think this article will be a meaningful one all of you. You also can share these details among your friends. Then you will know that “how to put on a cuff bracelet?”

How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch?


From this article we will show how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch. First, do you know what are these tennis bracelets? It is a popular jewelry of choice for most women of all ages. This bracelet will be the daintiest and the most stylish accessory, which on the arm. This is the most practical pieces of jewelry. It will be able to makes sense that anyone would want to invest in it. Among the other tools this tennis bracelet looks great when you wear it alone. But if you wear it with a watch, it looks equally. As well as we can explain, this bracelet has a unique accessory. However, this bracelet is the various tool which is stylish and comfortable among the other things. Today most of the people are trying to wear tennis bracelets in their journeys.

 Further discussing about this we can mention here, this tennis bracelet has various sizes. Do you know which wrist should you wear a tennis bracelet? Usually, the tennis bracelet worn on the left arm of your hand. The reason for that is most of the people be right-handed and so find it more comfortable to wear on their less dominate hand. But anyone is a left-handed person he or she can wear it on right wrist. Also, most people are believing that when they wear tennis bracelet on their opposite side of writing hand, they can decrease the risk of damage to their bracelet. However, you should wear this without a discomfort and here you can wear it tight enough so that it doesn’t fall off or sang. But in here our question is “how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch?”

How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch? Quick tips

When you wish to your tennis bracelet with your watch you should aware some tips. Before you wear it, you can consider those. The rule is here also wearing a watch in your left hand. The reason for that also the right hand is domain one. If you wear your bracelet together with your watch it will be helping to improve the look of your wrist game.in here your tennis bracelet match colors with both. Sometimes your watch will be not match with bracelet color. Therefore, you can do experiment with strap changing in it. When you wear a tennis bracelet with a watch it may be the fantastic way to add interest and flair to your look. For that you should choose the watch style which goes with the design with the tennis bracelet.

However, we can mention here if you love to wear a tennis bracelet with your watch don’t regardless of the materials that the bracelet and watch are made of.it will be happy thing while your journeys.in here the most important thig is the bracelet will have been style with diamond. From this your watch may or may not ability to fascinate with gemstones. Then it might be the best investment you make as you get to wear it. We can suggest you match Vivienne West wood Wallace ladies watch with Silver Cubic Heart Tennis bracelet because it will be the best couple both day and night. How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch? According to these details we think that you can get an idea to this question.

What are the things keep in your mind while choosing tennis bracelet?

In the above paragraphs we discussed the tennis bracelets. Now you know the tips about tennis bracelet and watch. In addition, when you are buying tennis bracelet there are some tips that you should keep in mind. The first thing is quality of the tennis bracelet. The best tennis bracelet has a high-quality piece made of suitable quality materials. These will be stone and metals. Some are made with gold or platinum durable and elegant. If you want to wear this daily, it should be durable.so we can recommend that platinum and solid gold are very suitable. Furthermore, stone quality also essential here. Shiny and sparkly high-quality stone would be ideal. The diamond in tennis bracelet should have the highest clarity level and excellent color characteristics. With all these qualities you can get other’s attraction to your arm.

As well as the setting and style also essential. If they are not elegantly it will be unique. Most of the tennis bracelets are made with different types and styles and between one and three rows of diamonds. There are different cuts available in these such as round cut, emerald cut stones. This cuts also will give you an attractive look. When you wear like those bracelets with your watch you can grow up your look. And this size also important part here. Women’s average size is between 7 and 7.5 inches. While you are buying your first tennis bracelet you can start with this size. But there is an important feature here. You can resize easily this bracelet. You can adjust the size of the this up or down.it may depending on the size of the wearer’s wrist.

How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch? Bottom line

When we are considering the question of “how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch” we explained the more detail about those.as a conclusion we must try to match our watch and tennis bracelet. Here you should choose your watch in a way of tennis bracelet. There are most and various types of tennis bracelets now available the markets. But when you try to follow fashion styles you should have knowledge about those. Tennise bracelet also same.as well as if you wish to wear this with your watch you should know the method of “how to wear a tennis bracelet with watch?” this article also will help you to solve your questions of tennis bracelets. You can get some important things from this.as well as before wearing these please find out what are the best way in here.

How to fix Lokai bracelet? Story of Lokai


From this article, we hope to find out details about Lokai bracelet using the question of how to fix Lokai bracelet. Local is the Hawaiian word that used to refer unity and blend opposites. It is unique pursuit of finding a mental balance. And most of the people who believe that when they are wearing a Lokai bracelet, it will be reminder and recognition that life is a cycle of highs and lows. As well as it may symbolise living a balanced life. It made of 100% silicon, and it has the one of the ends with black bead and other opposite end with white bead. The black bead, which can hold mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. And the white bead, which can carry water from the highest point of earth of Mount Everest.

This local place lottery further story of life while creating various colours between the black and white beads. It can consider every action, creations, invention, and everything that exist. Within this purpose, most of the people appreciate and love those bracelets. The founder of Lokai bracelet was Steven Lzen. He wanted to express the balance of life using between the feeling of joy, gratitude, and happiness. Then he tried to create a physical object which can preserve these contrasting feelings and memories. He thought that bracelet can symbolise the living, a balanced life and reminder and recognition that life is a cycle of highs and lows. Their water of Mt Everest represents the joy, gratitude, and happiness of life. And the mud of the Dead Sea represents the sadness and hopelessness. While considering the story of Lokai bracelet, we can understand the value of this.

How to fix Lokai bracelet? Easy tips.

If you used a Lokai bracelet, you have some experience about its sensitively. It can be easily snapped because of that. Then you should have methods to fix it again. How to fix Lokai bracelet using the experience of peoples? They tried various methods when they are Lokai bracelet broken. Most of are not find solution so they purchased a new Lokai bracelet. But someone’s fixed it by using nail glue. However, we also cannot hear nail glue will be the great solution for that task. But it may temporarily paste, and you must re glue it again in the future. But many people said that they have not worried about that, and they can easily re glue it again. And the other method is stretchy, clear building. And the other method is stretchy, clear beading cord and a fairly big sewing needle to thread the code.

In addition, some are trying to fix it by using super glue. They said that from this could fix it well. And the krazy glue also works fine. When you are Lokai bracelet broken, you can use this glue to paste it. If you are trying with nail glue, super glue or Krazy glue, you should apply on one end of the bracelet and instantly stick it to the other end. After that you must wait for it to dry out for about few minutes. Then you can easily speak your broken Lokai bracelet. These methods are given by experiences of local bracelet owners. If you have a broken one, you also can try these methods. But most of the people go to the shops to repair its.

What are the more meanings of Lokai bracelets?

According to the high and lows faced in life, Lokai bracelet were created. In this story, there are responsibilities for your life’s journey include. Several colours associated with this bracelet lying double hook bracelet, including fuchsia, green, yellow, and blue. Also, the metallic are including with Gunmetal, rose gold and pure gold. Additionally, with the animal rescur bracelets, you can find the colours of white beds. The white and black colours of Lokai bracelet stand out easily. It says low or dark moment in life also hopeful, or better future. The most valuable thing is bracelet has more meanings. As a summary we cannot that it’s balance. This has an ability to improve your emotions and challenges with finding the balance of life. Further, it says the hope. It can encourage you to live your life with the expectations of great things happening to you, even darken moments also.

As well as this bracelet can believe to signify love. It also teaches us to love yourself and others. Eat reflect the more powerful energies that born with love. From that you can receive great abundance from the universe within love. And other meaning is faith. It can be defined as the evidence of the unseen things. Not only that, but this Lokai bracelet has an ability to encourages harmonious living as the best way of life. In here it teaches us to lead peaceful life and live in harmony. It will include yourself also, environment, family, and world. In last weekend, say that humanity also refer from here. Lokai bracelet give you a thought to be humble and meek rather than prideful. Considering all these encourages, we can say that the Lokai bracelet, other more valuable fashion tool than others.

How to fix Lokai bracelet? Bottom line

According to the above details, you can show the meaning of Lokai bracelet. It has a greater meaning than others. Most of the people who love to fair this because they show the story of our lives. Do Lokai bracelets break easily. They will break when if they are too big for you. Then how to fix Lokai bracelet again? In the above, we told you some easy methods to fix your Lokai bracelet. In addition, some shops owners purchased the bracelet within one time replacement warranty. Before buying your one, you should pay more attention about these. But you shouldn’t worry when it has broken. You can try glue also to fix it. This article will be help to you for the awareness of Lokai bracelets.

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