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Meaning of wearing chain on leg and history of these

In this article we will hope to discuss the “meaning of wearing chain on leg” Do you know the reason for wearing a chain in your leg? Most women don’t know that. According to the ideas of women, they said this is a fashion that women who wear these as a trend. They are following the famous persons who wear chain on their legs. They are believing those as a fashion. But when we are considering g the history of this this is not a fashion. It will wear for the symbolize something and first these put-on legs by Indian women. These chains name as ankle, and this has a long history. We can find the origin from as far back as 6000 BC. The Babylon women also might have worn ankle bracelets. After that Sumerian tombs from ancient Mesopotamian worn these.

What are the materials that Early anklets were made? They are wood, bone, stones and naturally accruing precious metals. Here we can find the main purpose of wearing those by ancient women, they have worn those for to indicate social status and rank. Further considering the history of this chain, these were gifted to the new bridal to symbolize a fruitful memory. We can see yet the young Indian women worn those to show their courage and pride. Some Asian women are wearing the ankle bracelets which are known as Pattillo. These are type of the chain that consists of a toe ring. However, in today this chain known as a barefoot ankle bracelet. With these details you can get a basic idea about the chain which are wearing legs. Now we will show you the purposes of these.

What is the meaning of wearing chain on leg?

While considering the meaning of wearing chain on the leg, we found that, this is various from culture to culture. However, women are wearing the chain their left leg, right leg or both legs. Do you know the meaning to wear an ankle on their left leg?  They are telling people they are single and totally down to mingle. In addition, that specific types of ankles may tell some interested parties even more about the women. They tell further that they are interested in dating and may be not so interested in an immediate intimate relationship. They are mean from this they are married women also interested ai an open relationship with persons. Otherwise, it may be interested in a relationship with other women also. Not only women but men also wear chasing on the legs. They are wearing those only as a fashion only.

Do you know the meaning of wearing chain on the right leg? This could signify those women are in an exclusive and not interested in being approached by others interested in intimate relations.  Also, they are happy in other’s relationship. And they said from that they are single and searching. If the marriage people are wearing ankle on their right leg, they symbolize from it they are open to having extramarital affairs and they have no lover. They also say that they are looking to have an affair. With these details you can get more ideas about wearing ankle on the right or left legs. If you have an idea until this, you should be aware about those things while wearing chains on the legs.

What is the meaning of wearing chain on both legs?

With the above details you can get only the meaning of wearing chains on the legs of left or right. Now we wish to note here meaning of wearing both legs. If you like to wear more jewelry with various types. You have a chance to select and mix jewelries because anyone can’t say something about that. However, if you wear ankles on both legs you must consider few things. These are one of the accessories which is perfect when we want to adorn our feet. We can fin the different styles, different materials and different colors. When you select the best one for you have a freedom to wear those even both ankles on your legs. The women are wearing both legs this to get full view on the foot from others.

As well as there is a hard rule with this. You can wear the chain on your legs without thinking any side. But you must be careful with above symbols. And you must be careful while wearing both legs even because it may be appearing too much style. You must select ankles that complement and don’t take away from the outfit. The main purpose of this to get attention to your food. When you are wearing them with knee length dress or short and sandals it will be favorable. And some people wear these with jeans or trousers. And you can wear chains with two ways. Those are hanged loosely over the ankle and go for a sung fit. But in today wearing ankle is a fashion because women in today who are not thinking about past culture.

Meaning of wearing chain on leg – Bottom line

With this article you can learn more details about the chain on the legs. There are some meanings of wearing chain on the leg we can give with this. As a conclusion we can note here when you consider the culture it can give some meanings. If women must wear ankles, it indicates that women are going to out of the house, and they are finding attraction of others. Not only that they are finding sex and they are single. Also, these once symbolized marital status. As well as they were being referred as call girls. But according to the today’s standards doesn’t matter the wearing side of chain left or right. Some dancers also wear chains on the legs to get some attraction while their dancing. However, we can say that from this article you will get more details about these fashions.

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