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How to measure huggie earrings

We are ready to show you “How to measure huggie earrings?” First of our explanation we think it will very useful to collect the details about huggie earrings. What are huggie earrings? These are types of hoop earrings. They are small in size, and they can hug your ears. Actually, they can stay close to your earlobe. They can give attractive look with your outfits. As well as they are made with several types of metals such as gold, silver and mixed plating also.

How to measure huggie earrings? Effortless ways

How to measure huggie earrings? Here we can mention, measuring is the key factor of huggie bracelets. In that case you should have a ruler in mm. But if you do not have a ruler, you can measure with another increment and concert it online. First lace the end of the ruler so the very first line. After that mark, the zero line and start the measure. First measure will keep center of your piercing and after that mark the end line.

On the other hand you can try another way without the above method. Here you should use a string piece of floss or a piece of paper. After that you should mark where your piercing starts and your lobe ends. With this method you can measure that the item to accurately estimate the correct size for your baggie earrings.

What are the tips during the measuring of huggie earrings?

How to measure huggie earrings?Usually you should take a ruler and measure from center of your ear piercing to the bottom of the your earlobe. While measuring like this, you have to pay more attention with some tips. Sometimes you will need the huggie so be sung. In that situation you can choose same size as your measurement. But when you need a little space between your ear and earrings. You should add 1mm to your measurement above.

In addition of the above things, sometimes you may need even more spaces between your ear and earrings. Then you can add 2mm or 3mm for the measurement. But additionally further you may have some problems about your measurement. Then you should always choose the larger size for the first piercing. It will be a bets way to take the measurement with your desire size. So we think these are the huggie size guides.

Can you adjust your loose huggies?

Even after measuring your huggie earrings, sometimes you will notice the loose earrings. In that time what can you do? You can adjust those loose huggies. First you should press down on the spending using your thumb nail. In that time you have a chance to use your forefinger to support the base of the ring. After that you can try pushing on it ever so slightly to move it up or down and sideways a bit. However keep in mind you do give hard push on the earrings. Next you can adjust it until you hear a satisfying click and it looks in tightly.

What are the best huggie hoops?

While measuring your huggie sizes you may think, what are the best huggie hoops for everyday wearing. Actually huggies are the smallhoops that are meant to sit closer to your lobes. Therefor they can give more comfortable feeling while you are wearing them. They are actually classichoops. But they are still eye catching and attractive jewelry in the society. When you have a correct size of huggie earring you can get all these benefits with sweet appearance and comfortable.

Sometimes people will need a minimalist look with one pair of huggie earrings. But another one will need more than one pair. In that case you should choose them withing correct methods. For that task we think it will be especially important to having the best huggie earring. Not only that but also those will give fresh look over the time. So, keep reading to know about the best huggie earrings. We will give the measuring details with our collections.

14k gold classic huggies

Among the everyday earring stock we can see 14k gold classic huggies. They can add more value for your jewelry collections. Therefore we think you should try this huggie earring. You can buy it from the various sizes such as 8mm, 12mm, 15mm and hinge closure. As well as these gold huggies certainly fit your bill.

14k white gold beveled edge huggie hoop earrings

Our next suggestion is this. This was handcrafted in twisted 14 karat gold using white gold. It has ½ inch of hoop diameter and 1/8 inch of width. So you can select it from the free sizes. When you have this one, you should keep it away from water and chemicals because they will give harsh results. Always you should remove it during the physical activities also.

In the above we give only two types of huggie earrings and their description. But keep in mind that, addition of these you can select your desire earring among the more collections of huggies. What are them? Rose gold, small diamond huggies, small twist hoops gold, chip on Samira huggies, Nura Reef Crossover huggie earrings, diamond huggies, 14k gold mini huggie earring with initial, chain huggie hoop earrings in gold plate and rainbow crystal huggie earrings. All these can add value to your ear.

How to measure huggie earrings? Bottom line

We are collecting the measuring types of huggie earrings and other details on “How to measure huggie earrings?” SO now we think, you have a good data collection about the measuring process of huggie earrings. When you have a correct size of huggie earrings, they will give more comfort while wearing. Actually, they are the top brand in current society. You can put them very easily. Among the huggie collection you also go with straight post huggie earrings. Finally, we think you will need to wear them everyday it is time to grab the best gold huggie earrings because they can stay with your over the time.



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