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How to make a ring from two gold rings?

We will show you “How to make a ring from two gold rings?” This will be not an effortless process. But sometimes the people want to make a new ring using their old two gold rings. This process is done by melting the gold. When gold melted down it can reform a new one. But in this process, it will cause problems with a fine setting. Because of that reason the rings with gemstones are not used for this process. But you can melt and make a new ring. And here you must keep in mind you cannot change the alloy such as you cannot turn yellow gold to white gold. However, you will go for this process because of your personal reasons. In that case it will be particularly important to know all the details about the process and around it.

“How to make a ring from two gold rings?” Method

How to make a ring from two gold rings? Here the method is ring soldering. For this process you must go for a jeweler. Then they will do the melting process and combine your two gold rings. In this process they can also add some gemstones or any other designs. When reform your two rings it will give new and fresh design. So, we can say further ring soldering is the method of the way of bonding your two beloved wedding bands together. In that case the bonding task will easy when melt the filler metal. But your jeweler makes the contemporary design without any altered or damaged. As well as when they combined you cannot easily separate. As well as you cannot melt or do soldering method yourself. It is time to give your order to the special and well skilled jeweler.

What are the benefits of making a ring from two gold rings?

With the above details you will know the process of making a new ring. Actually, is this a good process? In here we can give some benefits of the process. First one is, it can protect your rings because when you are wearing two rings on the same finger, they will go to rub against one another. This will be cause to excessive ring maintenance. According to this you should spend hefty cost long term. But if you can solder them, you can solve this issue. As well as while wearing two rings they will slide around on your finger. Then it will give you discomfort. So, you can make a ring from melting two rings. It means soldering is helping you keep your rings looking perfectly intact.

In addition of the above benefits when you make a ring from two rings it will give a comfortable and effortless fit. When you have two rings on a same finger it will be a risk because a ring can lose while wearing. When you have two rings on your hand, attention to one ring separately may be minimal. But soldering ring can reduce this risk and it can give more comfort together. As well as it will not painful because they are moving as a one ring. According to the above all the benefit we can understand that when we have a one ring on fingers it is the best way to reduce more issues than wearing two rings. If you have an old ring, you can try this process.

What are the disadvantages of making a ring from two ring?

In the above we gave you only advantages of making a ring from two rings. But while considering more details we found there are some disadvantages also. What are they? you cannot wear them along when you are soldering. When your ring has gemstone, it will face to risk because they can be damaged. Your two types of rings give one type only with this. So, you will fall to sad. Not only that but also, we can note here this process give demanding situations while separating. Sometimes your one ring may be coming from your generation. In that case you cannot get that ring after melting. As well as sometimes this will reduce the value and the appearance of ring if they damaged. And you must give more time for this process. It also is not a good thing with your wedding ring or engagement ring.

How much is the cost of ring combining?

According to the question of “How to make a ring from two gold rings?” we think you must have an awareness about the cost of the process. Here it will require the cost as low as $45. But this is depending on the risk of melting and the value of the task. When you give large rings, it will get large amount but when you give small rings it will not get large task. So, we think according to the size, design, and the material of the rings the cost you must count. However, it will more than buy a new one sometimes. As well as you must pay more attention because this task will damage your rings.

How to make a ring from two gold rings? Bottom line

“How to make a ring from two gold rings?” So, we think now you will have a good awareness about the melting process. How to make a ring from two gold rings? This will be a hard and dangerous task. As well as you cannot do that by yourself at home. You must go for a good skill with jeweler. Then he will melt you two rings and make a one. This is the permanent process. But if you do not go for a permanent one you can combine your two rings with yarn or any other binding things or you should consider fixing your rings with ring adjuster. Further you can add metal or plastic girds to combine them as temporary. Finally suggest you before the task you must pay more attention to it.



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