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How to make a diamond ring at home

We will show you “How to make a diamond ring at home?” through this article. Today we can see there are lot of accessories and jewelries around the world. For those things jewelers are using there are several types of materials and metals such as gold, diamond, sterling silver, rose gold and any other same things. Among them diamond have a popular place because it is an excellent qualitymetal, and it can give an attractive look with the jewelries. According to this task we can mention here diamond rings. Diamond rings have different type of designs. Most of the people are using diamond rings as their engagement rings. From that they expect a lot of meanings such as pure and eternal love or affection. While considering these things we can note here diamond rings are the beautiful and meaningful tool.

How to make a diamond ring at home? Background of the process

According to the above details you can understand the value of diamond. Next, we try to make a diamond ring at home by ourselves. So how to make a diamond ring at home? for the processing of diamond ring you should set the background first. Therefore, you should decide your desire designs. As well as sometimes you may be making it for your girlfriend as an engagement ring. So, it will be an important thing for both. In that case you should measure here finger size and her favorite designs. Supply the stone cut, band style and any other things. After that you should choose the method of building. You can use traditional metal working tools and techniques.

Step by step guideline for making a diamond ring at home

After the above preparing method, you can start the process. First you should create a metal strip with the desire length. After deciding the length, you can cut it to size. Next blend it into an oval shape. In this step press the two side of machine together and it will be bent to make the shape. So, you can create an oval shape out of the platinum with the bar ends nearly touching each other. Your next step is, braze the oval together for a solid ring. Here you must use traditional soldering techniques such as circuit boards. Place the solder over the gap and get fried up. So, you should heat the platinum material until it is glowing red. Place it the heat on the solder which liquefies and flows into the platinum and cleaning a solid joint.

Now you have an oval. But in this step, you can create a circle from it. According to the hand making diamond ring you should hammer in down on a mandrel until you have a fairly good circle. In this situation we suggest you flip the ring every few hits and it will not be wider on one end versus the other. In additionally this handmade process have an awful lot of sanding. You can do any sanding after creating the circle. We say you sand the sides of it on a flat sanding surface. Use a Dremel to sand the sides and the interior. So, what is the target of sanding? It will get more aggressive without worrying about hitting the setting. The important thing here is it will be especially important to pay attention for simple steps like this.

How to continue the setting?

We mentioned basic steps making diamond ring. So now you are in the setting task. In here you should cut and prepare for the setting and braze the setting. For the braze setting it requires an oxy acetylene torch that gets up to temperatures above 3000 degrees. Heat the platinum when it is glowing red. But keep in mind do not heat it up so much that the platinum metals at all. When you keep it over time, it will destroy. After finishing the setting, you are in the finishing work. With that sanding the inside and outside ring. Next set the diamond to the processed ring. Sometimes while reading these details, you will think this is an arduous process. But we recommend this is a simple task and you can learn more details while watching the handmade cuff ring diamond making videos even.

Importance of diamond handmade ring?

How to make a diamond ring at home? We gave you simple steps to make a diamond ring yourself. So, what are the importance of these? Actually, if you have own diamond piece you can follow this process without a huge cost. Because you are trying this yourself you do not give an extra cost as a making cost. It will be a benefit of these rings. As well as handmade rings can give you unique look and it gives meaning something about you. If you give those rings as an engagement ring to your partner, the value of ring will increase immediately. And it will make great family heirlooms. With your unique handmade diamond rings, you can express the symbol and meaning of your love. However, after finishing the process, you will be incredibly happy about it.

How to make a diamond ring at home? Bottom line

We are discussing until now important lesson on “How to make a diamond ring at home?” Finally we think now you will have a good awareness about making diamond ring at home. but keep in mind this process is requiring more time and it looks probably 20x as much time to make. Further when you make it, you can give high value for it because it is your creation. Here sometimes will have some risks. Diamond is expensive metal. When you make some mistakes with the diamondwhile cutting them, it is a waste thing. Therefore, we suggest you, before starting the process of making diamond ring at home, learn all the things about it and get fully awareness. You can even learn this by watching someone else do the process.



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