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How to clean fake gold jewelry that’s turning black?

We will show you that “How to clean fake gold jewelry that’s turning black?” What is the fake gold jewelry? Normally 24K gold is the pure and 100 percent gold. These are all pure and these are without traces or any other metals. 24K pure gold stays shiny and it will not rust also will not discolor to tarnish as pure gold is the least reactive chemical element. But some of the gold jewelries are made with mixing other metals such as copper or silver. They will be tarnish and turn black over the time. When they are exposing water, sun, soap, or lotion everyday it will turn black. So, you must keep them carefully.

Additionally, before the start find the answer the question of “How to clean fake gold jewelry that’s turning black?” we would like to note here you should have a good understand of the different between pure gold and fake gold jewelries. Fake gold is cheaper than pure gold and it will fade immediately. Fake gold jewelry has a thin layer. Because of that reason it will eventually begin to wear down and tarnish. As well as you must give proper care for them because it can last for soon. If you do not give care them it will turn black soon. Therefore, we think it will be very important to find easy methods to clean them after turning black. We invite you to read this continually for your awareness.

How to clean fake gold jewelry that’s turning black? Easy methods

Here we give you easy methods to clean the fake gold jewelry. If you have a fake gold jewelry without stone setting you can do that. Follow these steps. First you must mix a weak solution consisting of six parts ammonia to the one part of warm water. You can use a small cut or bawl for that. Dip your fake gold jewelry into this mixture. Then scrub it gently. Here you can use a soft toothbrush or a cotton swab. After that all these steps you should rinse the fake gold jewelry thoroughly with warm water. From this you must make sure the ammonia is completely removed. Then get a soft cloth to dry jewelry and lay it on a dry towel. And you can keep it with air dry overnight. Here do not keep it on the paper towel. Then buff it with a clean and soft cloth.

If you have a fake jewelry with setting you must follow these steps. First you must combine six parts warm water with one part household ammonia. Here we suggest you do not soak them if it has a gemstone setting. If you do that the water may loosen the stone. Then you can dip a soft cloth in the warm solution. After that you should wipe your fake gold jewelry carefully to remove all the residue and tarnish. Here we recommend that too much exposure to ammonia will give you harmful result of your jewelry. Therefore, you must remember that use a weak solution. As well as newer let it soak in them for more than a minute. After that you can dry your jewelry with a soft cloth. It also keeps drying overnight. So, if you have these two types of jewelry you can follow these methods.

How to keep fake gold jewelry without turning black?

How to clean fake gold jewelry that’s turning black? With this question we think that the keeping methods of them will be help you much. So, we suggest discussing that. All the jewelry must have a proper care to protect them without fading. So, you can control the way you take care of them. We will note some methods to keep them carefully.  Keep it dry. When contacting with moisture and liquids your fake gold jewelry will tarnish and fade as well as turn black. When your hands include with lotion, water, perfume you do not touch them. Even your oil also fades color. Because of that reason be sure to keep them in the dry places. Store it properly. You can use a zip lock bag to this. You must protect them from the sun and scratching and chips. You’re all the jewelry must keep separately with each other.

Furthermore, you must try a jewelry protection spray. With the developing fashion industry there are various methods were introduced. Among them we can buy a protective spray to protect jewelry long time. You can try them and protect your jewelry without turning black. While comparing pure gold, fake gold give you more darken results with over time. So, you must give extra care towards them. While considering the methods to keep them safety. We found that it is very important to give it a break. Here we mean you must treat your jewelry with love and care. After wearing your jewelry, it will be prone to tarnishing. So, you must clean the with proper ways and methods. So, we think these details will help you much to keep your fake gold jewelry without turn black over time.

Bottom line

In the fashion industry we can see there are various types of jewelry which have various metals, types, and materials. So, among them we discussed here fake gold jewelry. How to clean fake gold jewelry that’s turning black? With this question we gave you more methods. As a conclusion we note here if you want to keep them over time you must avoid water, sun, and chemicals from them. If you are going to shower you can take it off. And it will be very important that avoid lotions, hairspray, and makeup. Do not touch your jewelry when your hand gets wet, put some moisture or lotions. So, if you also have a fake gold jewelry, we think you will follow all these methods to keep your fake gold jewelry without turning black and clean it well.



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