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Does titanium rings change color?

Does titanium rings change color? We are here to discuss this question. we have the variety of jewelry and accessories. Among them titanium has a popular place. Because of that reason people are used titanium rings for their outfit. What is this titanium? First, we solve it. it is a chemical element such as gold, silver, or platinum also. This is making overall incredibly attractive, and we can identify it as a smoky tint color element with a silvery gray or white metallic color. Titanium is slightly darker than white silver or gold. As well as it will look like to platinum. We can know that titanium founder is William Gregor in Great Britain in 1791. According to his view this is a lightweight and strong metal as well as abundantly available on the Earth.

Why do we use titanium for making rings? Usually, titanium has a low density. But it has high strength. So today it is used to make high performance products such as jewelry, automobiles, sports products like tennis rackets, mobile phones, airphone wings. As well as it is using to making rings because this reason. In addition of this titanium has a unique quality unlike gold or any other metals. It does not need to be combined with other metals or alloys to give up the shape while making jewelries. However we try to find the answer for the question of “Does titanium rings change color?”

Does titanium rings change color? Resistant to corrosion of titanium

Do titanium rings change color? Usually, titanium is naturally resistant to corrosion, and it will not rust. It is a stable metal. Because of the protective layer of titanium dioxide, which is making from contacting with oxygen or moisture, it is protected. This layer will try to prevent it from corroding that is often caused by pollution or saltwater. Because of this natural anti corrosive skill, it will not tarnish or color change. Therefore, you do not worry about any color changes when its exposure to the water, air, pollution, or moisture. But you must pay more attention when titanium has additional colored area or is combined with other alloys only. These colors may be sea green, pink, rose gold or even teal blue because it is anodized.

Does titanium rust?

While discussing the color changes of titanium it is important to consider of rust about it. If you have a pure titanium with ring it will not rust in the water or when exposed to air or any other moisture. Therefore, you do not pay an extra attention while showering or bathing with your titanium ring or any other jewelries. But when you do not have sure that your titanium is pure metal, it will be suitable to remove your rings before showering. Then you can keep them without losing its shine or color. But you are perfectly safe to shower while wearing pure titanium jewelry because it will not turn your skin green unlike other metals like copper or bronze.

How to clean your titanium ring without color fading?

Do titanium rings change color? It will not change the color, but we have a responsibility to clean rings without any conflict such as color fade. So, we have a simple guideline to clean it well. Follow these all the steps properly. Sometimes you may use different kind of cleaning methods for different kind of titanium rings. However, it will be extremely useful to avoid any expensive tools or harsh chemicals. Here you must need here only a bowl filled with warm water, liquid dish soap or mild soap, a soft cloth for wiping and a dry soft towel. When you have these materials, you can start your cleaning process.

First you must fill your bowl with lukewarm water and dish washing liquid. Here you can also use any other jewelry cleaning solution or ammonia glass cleaner even. After that soak, your ring in warm soapy water solution for five minutes. Then you can scrub your ring with a soft cloth or soft bristled brush. After that rinse, your ring using pure water. Then you can remove any excess dirt on your ring. Finally, you can dry your ring with a soft or microfiber towel. When you followed these steps clearly you can clen your ring without any damage or fade. If you have a titanium ring, try these to get experiment.

Does titanium rings change color? Maintaining process

According to the above details you can understand that, usually pure titanium rings are not fade or change their color. But you must have a responsibility to maintain it well. So, we suggest you clean your ring once per week. As well as you can keep it in a small jewelry polishing cloth. You can use jewelry cloth for polish out any minor scratches, dirt builds up or dullness daily. You can invest wax to keep your titanium ring polished. Furthermore, from that you can keep their shiny look while cleaning process. You do not give less attention for your titanium ring. So, when you are wearing it daily you must take care it from some hard materials.

Does titanium rings change color? Bottom line

Titanium ring is a gorgeous piece that you can wear it for you every occasion with its unique look. As well as some people are using it for their anniversary gifts or valentine gifts. We can name it as a lovely gift because it makes your loved one feel special. It will lend a classic touch of beauty with a crafted to performance. When you do not have this amazing ring, we suggest you try it you and for your loved one. However, in this article we focused as basic about the question of “Does titanium rings change color?” we think now you have an idea with this. Finally, as a conclusion we note here you do not afraid to use your titanium ring everyday because if you have a pure titanium ring it never changes color with some causes.



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