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Can you resize men’s wedding bands

Can you resize men’s wedding bands? We operate this article to solve this question. Actually, you have a chance to resize your wedding band. It is a common thing which depends on the metal and precious stones on the shank of your wedding band. As well as it isa trick method when your ring does not fit so well. However, we thought to keep a note about this process throughout this article. Keep reading and know the methods with this question.

Can you resize men’s wedding bands? Does it need?

Can you resize men’s wedding bands? You can do it. What is the reason for why do you resize the wedding band? Usually, rings are coming with varied sizes with many designs. When you select someone from them, the shape and size of your fingers can change with the time. When we do not have too large or too small ring it is not giving comfort. We mean, your wedding band should slip into your finger easily and it should fit snugly with comfortably.

Further, we think when your ring too snug, you should have a responsibility to enlarge it. then you can get the correct size of ringer for your finger. On the other hand, when your wedding ring cannot fit beyond the knuckles, ring wants to be enlarged. Not only is that but also if your ring keeps on rotating around the finger, also time for decrease its size. According to these things, if you have some issues among them, you should resize your wedding band.

What are the wedding bands that we cannot resize?

While considering the men’s wedding band we noted above you have a chance to resize your wedding band based on the metals and types of the materials. In that case we can find some types of wedding band those we cannot resize. So, what are them?

1] Eternity wedding bands

In that point this is a challenging task and when you are going to resize your eternity wedding band you have to face some difficulties. When your wedding band has many stones, jeweler will remove some of them. Without removing they cannot resize your wedding band. After that re set other once. While doing that the prongs that hold the stones in place might change. As well as when you remove the number of stones it will decrease the value and beauty of your wedding band.

2]Adorned bands

Adorned band is another one. If you have a hard design of ring, it also will be difficult to resize. In that case you have a risk to keep the design basically such as flowers, leaves or any other patterns. So, you should think twice about the patterns and designs of ring before resizing it.

3]Tungsten and titanium wedding band

In addition of the above rings we can mention tungsten and titanium wedding band as a default task to resize. Usually these both of materials have a solid structure and do not take soldering. So,you should be aware about all these things before you are ready to go for resizing task.

White gold

This is another one because the coating usually melts off during resizing task. As well as the process will further involve replating the wedding ring.

Can you resize men’s wedding bands – Rose gold

Even most of the professional jewelers are declining the order to resize wedding ring with rose gold. This is delicate compared to other gold alloys. The result of this, more cracks, and fissures. Not only that but also it is not simple to find aninsert in the ring’s exact shade. The reason for that, the wider range of color variations out there.

Where to get your ring resize?

Usually, we think thata small local jeweler can resize the ring much more quickly than a chain jewelry store. What is the importance of local jeweler? They will be able to do the resizing on site. But a chain jeweler store will have to ship your ring out to a jeweler to be resized. In that case they should spend about a week for the ring to be shipped offsite to a jewelry workshop. As well as offsite jeweler to do the actual resizing taking few days. So, they will get two to three weeks to resizing process which is depending on the shipping speed.

According to the above details we can recommend here, local jeweler is the best solution for your resizing process because they can start the resizing task right away. When they have free times, they will resize your ring in as little as an hour. In addition of these usually, local jewelers give you a quate of one week and you can be safe on this time. But remember that, jeweler will be able to have your ring resized within day or the next day.

How long does it take to get a ring resized?

Can you resize men’s wedding bands? When the answer for that is “yes” you should find that

“how long does it take to get a ring resize?” Therefore, we can give you a short answer. In that case the time duration of resizing process is depending on the type of your ring and where you take it to be resized. Sometimes it can be completed in little time such as a few hours. As well as sometimes it will take several weeks.

Can you resize men’s wedding bands – Bottom line

We are collecting the details around “Can you resize men’s wedding bands?” So, we think now you have good awareness with wedding band resizing process. Additionally we guess that, you may think “how much does resizing cost of men’s wedding band?” It also depends on the level of difficulty. Usually,men’s wedding band is requiring more cost that women’s wedding band because men’s wedding bands have complex quality. Simple resizing process is taking little cost while the most complicated jobs take huge cost. As a conclusion lastly, we suggest you, give your wedding band for a professional local jewelry to resize it.




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