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Can guys wear necklaces in Islam?

Many people ask that “Can guys wear necklaces in Islam?” So, in this article we hope to discuss it. From the ancient eras to today modern world people wear various kinds of jewelries for many reasons. Not only women but also men are wearing jewelries to show their social status and to improve their personal beauty. People have used to wear jewelries like necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and many more accessories. Our world has become more beautiful because of the various diversities among countries, religions, and the nations. Jewelries those are using among the people are different from county to county, nation to nation and religion to religion. Not only that but also when considering the jewelries which are used by people, we can see there are many differences and rules for it. Some religions also have certain rules when wearing jewelries.

Can guys wear necklaces in Islam? Rules

In Islam we can depict some clear differences among the jewelries of men and women. Can guys wear necklaces in Islam? In this religion jewelries are forbidden for men such as gold rings, chains, bracelets, and earrings. Those are forbidden for men because they are women decorations. Jewelries that people wear made from several sources like silver, gold, diamond etc. In Islam it is forbidden for men to wear gold jewelries though women are allowed. The reason for it is some atomic particles in gold can harm to the body of men and may cause a disease called Alzheimer” Nevertheless women are allowed because women remove those toxic particles by menstruation cycle. Not only that we can see but also this forbidden rule is underling the words of Prophet Muhammed. It is obvious that men are forbidden to wear gold necklaces on Islam.

When we are discussing this title from the above points of views it is concluded that men cannot wear necklaces made from gold. Although gold necklaces are prohibited there are no right rules about wearing like those. The Islam religion men can wear necklaces if it does not go beyond or contravene the rules and regulations in Sharia and the principles in Islamic law. In Islam we cannot see a well acceptance for wearing necklaces, men are allowed to wear necklaces if it deals with any health issues or any other reasons like an identity card that is used when going to Hajji or any other occurrence. In conclusion it has mainly forbidden to wear necklaces rather there is no very essential unavoidable reason, as mentioned above. So, these points give clear idea that generally men Islam do not allow wear necklaces.

What should we understand with this rule?

For further details we think it will be especially important to find the more considering details with the Islamic rules for men. So let us look why it is strongly restricted to wear jewelries for men in Islam. First, we mentioned that jewelry made out of gold is prohibited because of the health issued and mainly based on the words of the prophet Muhammed. Not only that but also there are many more reasons which affect for prohibiting jewelries like necklaces for men. These are the main thing that we must understand well.

If man wears a necklace to show off as a jewelry and wanted to let on to public, it is highly prohibited in Islam. Because it is women behavior that wearing necklaces and other jewelries. Then if the men also needed to wear jewelries like women it is consider as an imitation or women. In Islam men are forbidden to imitate women. And in Islam when men wear necklaces it also considered as an imitation of women. Further the prophet had said that “Many Allah curse men who imitate women” These factors may give ideas about the rules of Islam with the jewelries.

Can guys wear necklaces in Islam? More details

Every religion around our world is consist of its own principles. They all have made for the betterment of their own people. So, it is our responsibility to honor and follow our own religion rules properly, when we study about Islam it is forbidden to idolatry or following polytheism. When a man going to wear any kind of jewelry either a man or a woman, he or she should not use any kind of signs which symbolize idolatry or polytheism in jewelries. So, in chains neither man nor woman use any kind of symbols as above. Although woman can wear a necklace or bracelet with Allah, but they also must keep it covered and hidden. However, for men it is not allowed, it is haram.

If a man wears a necklace on the intention of receiving good luck or any other polytheism matter it is trickly forbidden or haram for men. Main factor is that men cannot imitate women. Therefore, they do not have a chance wear jewelries or cloths which are used to wear by women. So, it is obvious that a Muslim guy cannot wear necklaces as their wish. Although Muslim men can wear only one ring in the left hand and it also should be made out of silver, as well as that one ring also should keep the weight less than four and half ounces.

Can guys wear necklaces in Islam? Bottom line

From the above explanations we can get a clear idea about the matter “Can guys wear necklaces in Islam. Finally, we are concluded that obviously it is prohibited or haram to wear necklaces by men. In Quran there is no verses mentioned about rules and laws of our religions. These diversities among religions make our world a most amazing place. However, around the world we can see there are several types of jewelries which are used by both men and women. We think this article will help you to study some interesting facts in Islam religions. So finally, we are inviting you to share your knowledge with others while using these details.



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